Lockeroom sale?

Is there still a lockeroom sale, does that even exist anymore? I wouldnt mind getting something cool to add to the collection.

lockerroom sale?

do the Als have these at the end of every season?
And what type of items are offered mike2579?


The Habs do, but the Als, never heard about it. If there was, must have been before my time.

Last one was 2007 IIRC, Als stopped doing it in 2008, since per Admin office employe then, it wasn't worth the time/effort for just a handfull of fans who went...

@ tangledweb - For sale were Game used jerseys, football, practise jerseys, helmet, etc...

Hope this will be back in a near future, I always like going there, seeing a few players & thank them for the season !

As Xgamer mentioned, it use to be at the Olympic stadium. It was usually some of the players who stayed in Montreal all season long.

Mike, if you absolutely want a souvenir from the 2011 season, I suggest you search the garbage cans and containers around Olympic Stadium. Because, you should find Bischoff's special teams playbook, and Tibesar's defensive playbook IN THE GARBAGE WHERE THEY BELONG!