Locker room sale

I've never been to one of these and am wondering about the prices. Specifically how much could I expect to pay for a game ball or a jersey? Anyone with 5000 all-access yards can redeem them for early access to the sale at 10am, 2 hours after it opens to season ticket holders. Is all the good stuff usually snapped up early?

Well, first off, I do say get early as the lines get large and the stuff gets picked through quickly. As far as Jerseys, it varies. Sometimes if they are trying to get rid of old inventory (which they might be still trying to clear out some remianing Reebok stuff), you can get them for around $60, but more often the jersey prices remain the same as always. Game worn stuff if available, like helmets and jersey's, but they are pricey often starting at $299 if I recall (I could certainly be mistaken). Also, they get picked through lightening fast, so if you have a paticulair player in mind (and he didn't keep the jersey himself) get there early. There can be decent shirt and merch deals there, but it's more often a clearout for merchandise they couldn't sell. There is an overwhelming amount of S and M sized product typically.

I've been to a couple, but realistically I have all the Ti-Cat gear I need, and I'm very paticular about avoiding the Grey Blob logo. You'll probably find a couple deals, but don't expect anything world shattering.

I think the game worn jersey's for non stars were pretty reasonable from $100, $125 $150 and up depending on the player (upwards of $300 for stars but that was last year when they were switching from Reebok to Addidas so I am guessing a little pricier this year. Challenge with game worn jersey's is the fit...pretty form fitting so you have to go up quite a bit in size unless you want to look like Ted Laurent. (well, that's my body type anyway).

Helmets expensive but they go pretty fast ($300-$500 if I remember). Autographed balls and stuff were ridiculous.

(my most cherished locker room pick up, an unused game ball for $50 or $75 can't remember and then Coach Lancaster signed it) Best deal ever. I miss him.

Its been hit and miss...line ups early and then off and on later in the day. I will go a couple hours after opening after the early die hards.

There have been some cheap $5-10 t shirts in the past and hats, old concert shirts some new era NHL and MLB hats though a few years obsolete for $15.

I am guessing an average of 30% off the regular ridiculously over charged prices...for the decent addidas stuff.

All and all a fun trip. Good luck..

If anyone got an extra Johnny adams and wouldn't mind parting with a jersey or helmet, please let me know. I am an avid Michigan State alumni collector and would love to add one to the collection! Thanks for any help!

Wish they would auction the stuff online. I know it's extra work, but it's the only way to take care of ticat fans that DONT live in the hammer....

The early bird gets the worm. Left the house in Kitchener at 5 am to find I was 6th in line for the sale. Nonetheless, picked up a game jersey and three new CFL balls with the old logo for very reasonable price. I have been to these events before so it is important to have a game plan. Jerseys and helmets are bought up very quickly.

Believe me you didn't miss much this year. A few 2016 Addidas Game Jerseys $250. (I saw Tyms and Gable's still available)

2 Small Racks of 2013 Game Worn Jersey's Pretty picked over but still a great deal at $25 ...I got a white Mark Dile shirt from the 2013 EF in Ottawa fully crested still for $25.

I was there at 10:30...all $60 footballs and $300 helmets were gone.

Other than that a few older kids jackets, some men's T-shirts for half price $12 -bullet brand, not reebok or addidas ones, bot not many, a few souvenir hoodies and sweat shirts half price, nothing remotely new. No Addidas at all. Not even any Ticat hats.

Also some really old, third time around locker room sale MLB Hats and NHL New Era hats for $2, Old Wildcat Jersesy for $2 small sizes.

That's about was a 5 min in and out. $50 spent and that was a donation basically because there wasn't much more interesting.

I was hoping they throw a bone and at least have 30% off some new adidas gear but nothing.

I went too, had the idea on picking up a game jersey. They fit super weird so I didn't bother. Was hoping to get a tshirt or hat or something but there wasn't much.

I suppose the good side of that is that they must have sold lots of full price merch through out the year?