Locker room sale?

Any news on the locker room sale? It is usually this weekend?

I live about 90 minutes outside of Hamilton and am considering coming in for the locker room sale on Friday evening. I have never gone before, but would like to buy some game worn gear. For those that have been in the past, is there typically a good selection of jerseys and helmets available and how quickly are they bought up?

I've been to this sale twice, although usually on the second day and if you don't get there early, don't expect to get a lot of game worn gear. On the plus side, the Cats tend to use this (and sometimes boxing day) as an inventory clearout day and usually they sell a lot of product for cheaper then normal.

We will be there on Friday night for sure :smiley:

Too bad I live in New York…Ti Cats have excellent jerseys…

Hi there, didn’t get a chance to check out the sale. Anyone check it out? Were there any good deals?

i got there at 5:30 and there must have been around 80 people in front of me. by the time i got in there at 6:45, there was EXTREMELY slim pickings. i walked away empty handed while those that made it in near the beginning walk away with bags of stuff each.

i don't want to sound too negative except to say that they should limit how much each person can buy.

I agree with maybe having limits, as my son and I were looking for some player locker room signs. My son and I arrived at 5:10pm and probably 30th in line. When we finally got in I saw one person had 10-15 in hand and I didn't think that was fare and a saw a few had a couple each. I was lucky enough to get Madu, but was looking for Lawrence, Banks, Cable with no luck.

I thought they had cool stuff but out of my price range, as my money go towards my season tickets. If u wanted a helmet they were $300, used football for $150 and a used jersey for $100. I was also looking for a practice jersey but they didn't have any this year.

I did get a couple reebok sideline polo shirts regular $69.99 for $10 each

There was very little left when we went in. The locker room is pretty much empty st this point. Some very small baby clothing left, a couple game warn jerseys and 1 helmet. Some replica jerseys from the wildcats game like burris for $50 and other black replicas of players that are gone like mallet. If you are looking for game used there is very little left.

Got there just after six. Massive line. One hour to get in. Just scraps left. It was to be season ticket holders only. Not true, no one checked for that. Other than owning your seat for all ten games. I dare you to name one privilege a season ticket holder gets over the guy off the street.

a significantly better price?

A couple of years ago, once the last game was played at Ivor Wynne, I went, with my daughter, to the locker room sale. Mind you, part of the reason I wanted to go was to see the old locker room before they tore it down. Also, I wanted to get a jersey. Having never been to one before, I wasn't sure what the selection would be on the second day.

Well, like others in this thread have stated, there was very very little to choose from. I ended up buying a couple of items that I could have gotten at the Lime Ridge, Tiger cat store (open at that time). The one thing that they did have a lot of were staff to sell you season tickets.

Yeah, I did get to see the locker room. Would I go again? Only to see the new locker room, but not to buy.

I arrived at 4 pm to be forth in line, I am usually the first in line so the early bird gets the worm. I was some what surprised to find a limited amount of game worn equipment. Most of the jerseys for sale were the white away style and some home jerseys. I did have an opportunity to purchase Zack Collars away jersey but I hesitated at the price of $ 250.00. A good friend of mine from Box J snapped up the jersey and his locker name tag. There wasn't any practise jerseys or pants. I did purchase an Eastern Final game ball and a Wildcat game jersey and a home game jersey. I got the feeling the people in line around the second wave of people who they let in the locker room went home very disappointed. Hard to understand why there were on a few home jerseys for sale considering this is the second full year the team has worn the jersey. I thought there would be more purchase opportunities even though I was forth in line........................ If anyone wants game worn equipment send me a private message.


My favourite was the C. Johnson jersey (don't know who that is) with #83 on the back and one sleeve, and #38 on the front and the other sleeve.

Really Crash? How many times does the email go out for discounted seats that the non-season tickets can purchase cheaper than my year long committment. Every year we are promised season seat holder privileges that never materialize. Fact

Got some free tickets for family/friends this year. Does that count?

I remember when I purchased season seats for the final year at IWS and my agent promised me a poster for my son. Didn't get it. Then was promised a hat, since they had a new offer if you bought tickets you got a hat. So, I reminded him, but once I purchased the seats he didn't email me everyday like he used to. Ha ha.

And correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought STH were suppose to get a tour of the new stadium. I get it wasn't completed, but I don't remember seeing any communication for perhaps the next season.

Not complaining, just sharing my two cents.

OSKEE WEE WEE my friends.

i got this e-mail Oct 28

In May, you supported the Tiger-Cats by purchasing tickets to our June 14 preseason game at McMaster University against the Montreal Alouettes. The Tiger-Cats won the game 28-23 and you helped kick off our season on the right foot – thank you again for your support!

At that time we promised all season seat holders who purchased tickets for the game a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of Tim Hortons Field for you and a guest.

Due to the ongoing construction delays and the unique circumstances that took place this year, we have not been able to execute this VIP event.

We have not forgotten about your VIP tour! The Tiger-Cats will deliver on our promise once the stadium is fully completed. One of our Ticketing Representatives will contact you with a date for the event in Spring 2015. We look forward to giving you a full behind-the-scenes look at our new home.

If you have any questions please call one of our Ticketing Representatives directly at 905-547-CATS (2287).

Oskee Wee Wee,

Fact. My season ticket price per game has never been offered as a single game. Promo? yes. Cheaper than face? Yes. But for the price I pay per game? Not even close.
My price has been grandfathered because I have been a season ticket holder for a long time, but the point is nobody else can get that price. Of course they offer discounts, but if you were able to attend every game including the playoffs and pay the same or less than a STH in the same section i would ask you to prove it.

To the other poster's point, I was able to get FREE tickets for family and friends this season.

We also had first crack at tickets for the concert at THF - may not be your cup of tea but i was able to buy tickets for someone in my group and get prime floor seats before the rest.

You asked me to name 1, ive named 3.