Locker Room Sale

Will season ticket holders have first crack at all items? As done in previous years.

Be aware season ticket holders will not have first crack at the items offered at the locker room sale. This information
was confirmed earlier today by the Tiger Cats via email as a result of limited space at Jarvis St..

Awesome seeing the Temp. Locker Room :thup: and all the memorabilia ! Great Job Ticats staff :thup:

Pretty cool temp. locker room - looks like a pro locker room unlike previous Ivor Wynne locker room.

As for the sale....if you're looking for practice jerseys, t-shirts from 2011/12, NHL and MLB merch - its good. All merchandise from this past season is regular price located upstairs.

I got some Guelph stuff in the locker room, half price!! and some pretty cool old stuff for $2.00, that right $2.00 :rockin:

I picked up 1 of the last Flying Wildcat Helmets and 2 of the mini helmets.

brother picked up the 1 of the Flying Wildcat Helmets plus a simmons jersey

How much was it for the helmets?

$300 and with Game jerseys, practice jerseys where $30

the helmets were $340 with the government cut

I got a nice New Era Pirates hat for 50% off or $20. Rarely see NE hats go on sale.
Some items were 50 off some 30% but very poor signage and lack of price tags probably cost them a lot of sales as I was unsure of the deals until I asked. Also grabbed a $2 hip shirt and my daughter an infant jersey that wasn't the greatest of deals but a nice shirt (they charged me half price but had to pay for the crested numbers on there that someone else put on and didn't take, that was a bit of a surprise). Looks good though. Yes, worth it to see the cool locker room down there, first class. Game worn jersey's were long gone by late sat morning for $300. Nothing earth shattering but a fun morning. Something to look forward to.

Couldn't make it anyone take pics of the locker room

I finally found a Ti-Cat toque that fits my head. They also had the Ballard trophy and the East Division Championship on display in the locker room.