Locker room Sale

I see they have set the dates, Dec 11th for season ticket holders, Dec 12 and 15th for general public! Was wondering if anyone has been to one of these in the past, If so what sort of thing do they have and what are the prices like! Thanks

Bring air freshener .... a seasons worth of sweaty equipment .. eeeewwwwwww

Ive been to many and always came away with, what I felt, were bargains. Obviously you need to know what things are worth and make your own determination, but there are significant discounts on merchandise (jackets, shirts) and "old stock"...old logos.

It's a great opportunity to stock up on stuff that is in your size (if they have it and that some times is the problem). Also they sell off some of the old equipment that would be of interest to someone who wants something to dress up their bar,etc.

It's a good sale. :thup:

Sometime during the playoff game I remember an announcement going up on the scoreboard that there was going to be a locker room sale coming up in December?? I haven't read or heard anything about it since. Is it still a go?



This is my first year buying season tickets, do only holders for the 2009 season get access to the first day or if you bought them for 2010 are you eligible?

I think it for 2009 Holders 1st but you could always ask someone at 1 Jarvis.