Locker Room Sale

The annual Hamilton Tiger-Cats locker room sale will take place this Saturday, December 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. inside the Ticats locker room at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The locker room sale features the ultimate gift for any Ticats fan, including helmets, game jerseys, practice jerseys and footwear as well as official Ticats merchandise. Fans can take advantage of the following deals on Saturday:

* Hats: One for $18 or 2/$25
* T-Shirts: One for $15 or 2/$25
* Sweatshirts: One for $30 or 2/$50

where do we line up Scott?
Inside the stadium or in the Back Parking lot where players park.

Fans can enter the locker room through Lot B, which is the parking lot located on the south side of the locker room off of Balsam Avenue.

Question what are The Terms of Payment Cash Only Credit Cards ?

Accepted forms of payment are cash, debit, or VISA/Mastercard.

Thanks Scott ..

locker room sale was great as usual... though I kinda cringed at the practice jerseys being $25... they have been $10 previous years... that is kinda a big price jump.

Yep Got Bekasikak Locker room plate and Marwan's Practice Jersey

Great concept ... appreciate the team making the effort ... but ... $250 for game worn jerseys. Some of the jerseys are from players 2 years back ... what does the club do with them if they aren't sold ... I say charge $50 and get rid of them.

But that's just me being me.

Happy Holidays everyone.

They take the name and number off and use them again.


They take # Off and the go to Roar Store

Last year they just sold them at the ticat store with the name on them. But last year there were only a handful of jerseys at the sale becasue they had the jersey auction. Whatever was left from the locker room sale went to the Ticat store.