Locker Room Sale

Just got home from the locker room sale, what did everyone get? I got a game worn White Paris Jackson Jersey, a game worn Orange Joe Smith helmet and a used practice ball. It seemed to me that they had alot less jerseys and helmets for sale this year than last. Prices for game used stuff is expensive but other stuff like shirts, sweaters and jackets seemed reasonable.

Good score Dan!

I really wanted to go but it's snowing here and my car doesn't do well in the snow.


Approx. price of "game worn" stuff??

Helmets were $300 and jerseys were $250 used practice balls were $40.

damn, I would've snapped some stuff up for my son and my brother.

yah $300 for a helmet isn’t too bad of a deal you’ll have to post to advertize it next year

250 for a jersey seems pretty reasonable. To get a Jersey with cresting and all costs almost 200 anyways. I wonder when the Riders are doing this. I like jersey's for xmas. I got a game ball last year, one with the stripes sewn in too.