Locker Room Sale

Some good deals are still available. Picked up a few items like practise jerseys,t-shirts, hats, socks etc. Game day jerseys are available. Two hours left.

We were thrilled with what we got at the locker room sale.. anyone who can still make it down there should go!!!

I got 3 Items

Tay Cody Locker Room Name Plate
George Hudsons Locker Room Name Plate
Track pants that where once wore by Paul Osbaldiston

I gotta ask...

why on Earth would anyone buy a pair of used track pants or socks? Ewwwww!

Were they selling used jockstraps to sniff too?

They Been Washed ...
Plus I washed them when I got home..

I guess your not A Hardcore Fan Ub40..

We got Julian Radlein's practice jersey, James Cotton's practice jersey, Sandy Beveridge's locker name plate and Renard Cox's locker name plate. We also got 2 of the training camp t-shirts.


I'll never be enough of a fan of anything to buy some guy's used track pants!

Enjoy 'em, though!

Then again, ub40, you have admitted before
that you are missing some marbles. :lol:

The locker room Sale is Really for Hardcore Fans.
The Average fan just comes to games.
that is fine..

The Hardcore Fan lives and dies with the Ticats.
Look at every move on and off the Field.
They Watch Every play and break it down.
They are at Every Event they can get too.

They Buy alot ticats Stuff
Have Shrine to Ticats
The Bleed Black and Gold
That is HardCore

And how many times have you threatened not to renew your tickets?

I got a brand new CFL practice jersey for 10 bucks
and the last TICAT Street pennant for $50 bucks.
[ with the original logo ]

They threw in Sandy Beveridge's old laundry bag for free.


It's a dangerous world we live in.

I know we shouldn't touch
doorhandles or hand railings.

Now ub40 has me worried
about bacteria transfering

from Sandy's laundry bag
to my cleaned clothes.

Please, say it isn't so, ub40.

Passion make you due Strange things Mycko..

It can make you crazy :lol:


It isn't so!!!!

But, I am missing a bunch o' marbles! I've been to too many Grey Cups!

Hope I can get to one more this November... seeing as how Rogers Centre is about 5 blocks from me! Mind you, I'll only go if the Cats make it!!!!

I always miss this event. I work Saturdays. Just once I'd love for them to have it on a Sunday.

Reading about what all you guys picked up makes me so envious! :expressionless:



I don't see how being a "hardcore fan" has anything to do with not wanting another guys used track pants.

Nice pick up on the nameplates, though.

I couldn't make it. Sounds like they had some great stuff, though.

And they had interac as well so that came in very useful for those of us who over spent.