Locker room problems in Hamilton

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Not a surprise at all to me. Cortez has been throwing players under the bus after each of the last four games, naming names. I've wondered how long the players were going to put up with this. Interesting view on yahoo of Gill's announcing of the Ticat's problems.

How was it his fault that WR's couldn't catch, the OL couldn't hold and the D was missing every tackle humanly possible?He said it like it was.If Burris was off, he said we need to be better throwing the ball.If the D was off, he said we need to be better at stopping the run.How is that throwing players names under the bus and not taking accountability?It's probably the agent of some whiney backup (Avon Cobourne anyone?) who's frustrated with not playing and the losses.

Good. I pick Hamilton to win week 3 game

It doesn't matter. Publicly accusing the players is going to stir the pot regardless.

You call Cobourne a whiny backup, but have you heard him complain? I haven't. In fact, I've heard and read nothing except about how professionally he's handling himself and the situation. I am sure he is angry about not playing (would you blame him?), but he's not complaining about it publicly, so it is wrong of you to slag him, even if you did put a question mark. What if it's Burris (who could complain about his short benching on Friday) or Stala (who could complain about his not starting in Week 1) or Knowlton (same as Stala) or Fantuz (who could complain about how he hasn't been utilized properly in the first two weeks), would you be so quick to call one of them whiny? It could be anyone that complained. I personally think this whole thing is overblown and will all go away once the team wins a few games.

...Gill and Cortez are in collusion, think about it....

That would make him the Allan Eagleson of the CFL... Doubt that very much. I think he's been trying to get one of his players out and its come to this. Gill's job is to do what is best for his client.

Kinda sounds like Greg Marshall with the Riders last year. How well that that work out?

I haven't heard Cobourne complain. If he did, he'd actually have a right to. He'd been cut by the team and transitioned into a successful insurance business when they decided to bring him back. That's why he's being paid so much. I'm sure he would prefer to not have to put his business life on hold in order to come up and not play.

....This whole thing with Avon is behind a lot of the 'rumour' mill mutterings...First the cats hire him away from the als. to be their premiere back...then they cut him....then they bring in Mallett who lasts as long as Garrett did with us this year....then they bring Cobourne back and don't play him....Kind makes you wonder what's going on...This is beginning to look like Charlie Taffes ol team...herky jerky moves that go nowhere...Burris getting benched and then coming back as smilin Hank ain't fooling anyone...Where there's smoke there's usually fire ...Someone in the hammer better get the fire extinguisher ready :wink:

A team with a lot of talent in some spots and huge holes in others.

For all 15 of you who jumped on me with the Cobourne doesn't complain bit, you seem to have a very short memory.Remember when we signed Mallet?Guess who was first to walk away from the team because he didn't wanna compete.Furthermore, he went on Twitter directly after the Mallet injury and said something along the lines of "guess who's the most important guy in the world right now?!?!?! this guy!!!!"

There is no evidence to suggest Avon 'walked away' from the team because he 'didn't want to compete.' What we do know is that Avon requested and obtained his release after the Cats signed Mallett. My opinion was and is that Avon saw the writing on the wall and knew that he wouldn't get a fair chance to be the starter in training camp, because the organization was already set on replacing him with a cheaper, younger body, so he asked to be released so he could either catch on with another (didn't happen) or pursue non-football opportunities.

Avon is a smart guy, and he's certainly not lacking in confidence. I really doubt he didn't want to compete. He was probably surprised and disappointed that Hamilton was bringing in a replacement after he had done very well for the Cats in his first year. He wasn't coming off a serious injury, his production wasn't down, there was no reason to think he couldn't be a good feature back for Hamilton for at least another year.

Nothing was written on the wall.Mallet was coming off of injuries and one good year of play.Cobourne still could've come in and outshined him and taken the job but instead he decided that if he wasn't guaranteed the job he didn't want to be here.Football is competition and if you can't take that than you don't belong here.

It was a mistake to "give" rookies veterans jobs. End.

You couldn't be more wrong. Cobourne knew he wouldn't be given a legitmate chance to win the role and wanted to find work elsewhere. I don't blame him for that at all. And besides, what does him asking for his release have to do with him being whiny? He never went public with his disappointment following his release and has not gone public with his disappointment at not playing now. He's been the consumate professional throughtout all of this. If there is one thing Avon Cobourne likes to do is compete, but he's not an idiot. He's not going to bring a knife to a gun fight, and any "competition" with Mallett would have been exactly that.

And if you have issues with how Cobourne handled himself this winter, you must have serious problems with Henry Burris. Cobourne's situation isn't much different that Burris' in Calgary. The Stamps decided to go with a younger, cheaper guy and Burris knew there was no chance he'd be able to compete for the starting job. Why do you think he came to Hamilton? After the Argos grabbed Ray, this was the only place he'd be guaranteed the starter's role. Burris didn't want to compete and went to a place where he wouldn't have to. If you're going to slag Cobourne, you gotta slag Burris as well. I don't blame either player, but if you're going to rip one you have to rip both.

Great post, Blogskee. I don't blame either guy. They're vets, they've paid their dues and they have families to feed and (eventually) post-football life to think about. Only difference is Burris played his way out of the starter's position in 2011, whereas Avon, to my mind, did nothing to warrant losing his position to an unproven back, who hadn't played in years, and around whom there were legitimate injury concerns even before he blew out his knee in TC.

I absolutely agree with you on the differences between the two situations. Burris did play himself out of a job and Cobourne very much did not. But I compare the two because the basic idea -- young guy replacing older guy who then "doesn't want to compete for the job" and asks to be let go/traded (and Burris very much asked to be traded) -- is the same in both instances. The specifics are very different, but if 15_championships is going to vilify Cobourne for asking for his release (and call him "whiny") then he has to say the exact same thing about Burris.

Also, according to Cortez, when he talked to Darren Gill, Gill denied making the comments (it starts at the 1:04 mark of the video):

Yes, a professional is what i'd call someone who rejoices in another player being injured and basically mocking the team that "released" him because they needed him for sure now.Cobourne is a big mouth and just because he isn't going to the papers with it, don't think he isn't frustrated about sitting on the sidelines.As for Burris he didn't ask for a trade.Huff just didn't want a QB controversy and wanted to get some return on Burris while he still had value (not to mention he couldn't afford a backup QB that expensive).In a post trade interview, Burris even said all year long he knew Huff wanted to keep pushing Tate to be the starter and when he got that oppurtunity, the time of Burris as a starter had come to an end.

Do you know for a fact that Cobourne was rejoicing in Mallett’s injury? You’re assuming that’s what he meant by that tweet, but that’s not proof.

Of course he is frustrated! But that doesn’t make him whiny. You don’t think Knowlton and Stala were frustrated when they were backups in Week 1? You don’t think Burris was frustrated when he was benched last year? You don’t think any of them vented about it to someone? Veteran players who have had success will always be frustrated when they aren’t playing. That doesn’t make them whiny.

Burris wanted out of Calgary as much as Hufnagel wanted to get rid of him. Burris didn’t want to be there because he wasn’t going to be the starter. How is that any different than the Cobourne-Mallett situation?

So what you’re saying is that Burris knew he wouldn’t be given a fair chance to compete for the job and wanted to find it elsewhere? Hm, that sounds awfully familiar to a certain running back you called “whiny.”