Locker Room News Clippings...

...and some BC fans in their forum claim the Stamps are arrogant and cocky:

"I look at them like we look at any other o-line," Wake said. "They're all big, fat, slow, and we always have a good day. We feel like, I've said many times before, we're the best front in the league. We go out and dominate o-lines." - Cam Wake

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heresa the only thing about that. cam wake is right. the bc defensive line can beat any oline in the league. and olinemen aren;t exactly tiny. wouldn;t call them fat more so then absolute beasts.

but has proven by the number of sacks, tackles for loses, and pressure on qb's the bc dline is an absolute force.

And yet they're still 0-3 against the Stamps this season. Just proves you need more than a dominant D-Line.

Will be interesting to see what BC team shows up for the game come sunday. They always get jacked up to play Ssk but not always against other teams. Perfect example was them losing their home playoff game in the last week.

The problem isn't our D-line, it's our secondary. IF the secondary plays like they did against the Riders, we have a good chance of winning. If they play like they did in Game 18, we're screwed.

WAKE NOT CONCERNED WITH STAMPEDERS OFFENSIVE LINE now that is funny. If it is no concern why bring it up? Why is it on your mind? too funny! The Stamps O line look at Wake as another prime rib roast to eat up.

...maybe because somebody asked him the question?

I'm pretty sure Wake isn't worried about getting his job done, he always does. Unfortunately for BC, all their players aren't as good as Wake so some other guys will have to step up as well.

:lol: Thought the same thing...

While I would normally mock any player who made a statement like this, if anyone in the league has earned the right to trash-talk an opposing team’s O-line, it’s Cameron Wake.

I'm sure that Calgary is aware of this trash talk by Simon, Wake, Hunt and the rest of them. It will inspire the stamps as they lay a licken on the egotistical lions. Labinjo is going to lay a beating on "ol Bucky. He will be happy to walk out of Calgary after their loss. "GO STAMPS", make my day!

i am enjoying the trash talk. specially by the 3rd place team who got owned by the stamps all season. but as the discipline said can wake has earned the right to trash talk. 22 or w.e number of sacks he did finish with isn;t exactly an east feat to accomplish.

He's right. Now he and the team have to go walk the walk...