Locker room factor - important?

Just wondering what people think if so and so is a good locker room guy or not and how much this plays in to having a guy cut or traded or not giving the cash for him if he is a free agent? I'm thinking it's important if a team isn't really sure on the guys performance on the field and this might put him over the edge if he doesn't get along with other players very well. I don't know.

I definitely think it plays a factor in whether or not a guy stays. Terrell Owens in the NFL is probably the best example of this.

Like any job, if a guy is a cancer in the locker room, no matter how good he is, most teams will look for ways to get rid of them. If he is a bad player, his locker room behaviour could mean the difference between having a roster spot or not (like Sean Avery). If he's a great player, they may try to keep him around, like Barry Bonds of baseball fame, or they may try to trade him away .

Guys like that take away from team chemistry and can become to big of a distraction to a team and eventually can hinder team performance.

Bang on roughyfan, you used the best current example....Great talent...Bad attitude.

The locker room personality accounts for a lot. In fact this is one of the Als' problem. They have no locker room leader. Guys say that Anthony Calvillo and Ben Cahoon are the strong silent type. They inspire by their actions, but they don't stand up in the locker room to shake the troops with moving speeches. No one does it apparently.

But Barron Miles was doing it, and the Don got rid of him.

Mark Megna was doing it and the Don got rid of him.

Kevin Johnson was doing it and the Don got rid of him.

So I don't know what the solution is. The Don seems to like to have all the floor.

I don't know about that. Seems to me in his career, The Don has always been sure of himself enough not to be worried about players ansd what they feel.

But he has had teams who have had outspoken leaders and I think he likes that.

Calvillo has done it --- not often. But just because they are stars of team doesn't translate into being vocal leader in locker room.

I have heard many cases over years where PA reps find themselvwes in club's bad books andf end up getting traded or cut --- but that's politics of boss vs workers.

You can also have too many players in a locker room who think they are leaders and no one speaks with one voice.

As for a cancer in room, that depends often on how good the player is, who the coach is and the philosophy of the team. Some coaches will put up with it because of value that player brings to team. Others simply don't want one problem child morphing ionto half a dozen or more.

I would say Don likes to be the center of attention, and not having players who will stand up to him. Maybe thats why he wasnt too successful a coach here in Sask, he had players who stood up to him along with fans and media as well.