Locker Cleanout: Riders down but not out following Western Final loss

REGINA —  After collecting their feelings about the Western Final and the 2021 season as a whole, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were down, but looked back at their season with fondness and pride.

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Uh, Lacey is the middle linebacker not a db.

Fajardo and Dickenson are the curse of this team, they will never amount to anything with those 2

Fajardo is essentially becoming another Nealon Green or Reggie Slack.

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Oh crap. I was getting ready to start my 'Fajardo for Mayor' campaign in Regina. Now I'm feeling kind of down about naming Dickenson 'Supreme Commander (in charge of farm implements)'.

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders had a good 2021 season. They were unable to capitalize on there 5 gracious turnovers by the Bombers in the exciting West Final. To all the loyal Green Rider Nation-The 3rd time is the charm :green_heart: :gem:

P.S. Free agency has leveled the playing field for all of the 9 CFL teams. My hometown Argos were coming off two 4-14 seasons in 2018 & 2019 before winning the East at 9-5 in this crazy 2021 season :bangbang:

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Oh really. Two west finals. Outstanding winning percentage and stand up guys. No idea how they become "curse of the team". Another useless gutless, classless post on this site. Personal attacks when you absolutely do not know the people. Says more about you than the people you hate on. I wish would clean up their act and keep this junk where it belongs. sound so tough!

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You kinda are out of touch with reality the two you meantion are integral to the success of the team.

What success? They got spanked in lbc and bb, lost without making it to the gc.

What personal attack are you referring to? My opinion that the coach and qb are incapable of bringing this team a championship? Nothing personal about it, some people have the talent, and some don't.
You are the one making personal attacks. Have fun losing again next year lol

I think this person is Cody. LOL. Stay off social media.

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Nope. I'm thinking it's one of the handles MrStallion always has on hand as backup, for when his inevitable banning comes around. It's happened at least 6 times before, on 2 different sites granted, but some on here.

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With this site comes the desire to talk about the CFL, you're favourite team, make predictions, talk with people that have a passion for the game. Unfortunately, social media has sunk to a new low during COVID. You think hammering the personality and charector of others, calling names and down right slander is cool. It is people like you who have created an environment of mental health issues with posts like yours through out the world and specifically in the sport world. If you actually ever follow sports at all you will be able to name numerous high level athletes who simply can not compete due to the stupidity, largely to social media banter. Beyond that, you do not know these people, you hate on them and hide. The classic version of gutless and classless. Look, if this is your idea of fun, I am saying do not do it on the site. Go to face book and show you're class there.

Because of posters like you, others who would like to get involved do not, because of posters who degrade others and the site. Please Do something!

Just because you don't like someone else's opinion, doesn't make it "gutless/ classless"
Lol, quit crying about losing