Locker clean out day who's doing it for last time?

Just curious as to who we think or who we want to be cleaning out one last time

Matthews dyakowski n majority of dB's imho

Dyakowski is one of our best Oliners ?????

Agreed n been a loyal guy I just wonder if he's getting a lil long in the tooth. I wouldn't be surprised to see banks traded or released

While I choose not to speculate on the subject here, my hope for this day is that the media might open up on the club's injury secrets, they've been keeping from us. There are 22 players listed as injured. Some of it may be my memory, and some are likely not really injured, but I couldn't tell you today, for sure, what injuries more than 4 or 5 of those players have. i.e. - Was it ever made public what ended Tasker's season in, or following, Game 12?

Yes I'm interested as well that injury seems mysterious we heard about Zach Andy etc but nothing on Luke I wonder if he's not hurt n maybe saving himself for a shot down south it's a terrible thing to think but a thought

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats HC Austin, "Everything is evaluated, there are going to be changes. We need to realign our thinking in respect to improving" #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 1m1 minute ago
#Ticats HC Austin "Orlondo is 100% back here if he wants to be. If a great opportunity arises for him we will promote him, I believe in him"

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 1m1 minute ago
#Ticats Austin,"There wont be a rock not turned over, we need to coach better, play better, get better players for healthy competition" #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 56s57 seconds ago
#Ticats HC Austin on OC Ptaszek, "He came a long way, is very bright and would probably be first to tell you it was a lot of work" #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 25s26 seconds ago
#Ticats Austin, "Were going to be very realistic about where we stand with a critical eye and that starts with me" #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats @ZCollaros7, “Im obviously not happy with how it ended but I’m just excited for OTAs and the ability to be healthy and improve” #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 3m3 minutes ago
#Ticats @ZCollaros7 on watching #Esks film, “I didnt do enough for us to win. It was frustrating to watch. I’m just very motivated” #CFL

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats QB Zach Collaros on off-season, “I’ll train in Pittsburgh, see Toliver in Florida, workout with Tasker in Buffalo plus OTAs” #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
DC Orlondo Steinauer, a likely HC candidate in #CFL, on whether he’d be open to coming back “absolutely”

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats DC Steinauer on his best player… “The front 7”. Also says Emmanuel Davis should have had surgery early in season, battled thru #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats DB Emanuel Davis played with broken finger that will likely require surgery. Decided to postpone it because of injuries in secondary

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats REC Luke Tasker tore abdominal muscle off pelvic bone Week 12 vs. #AlsMtl. Would have been ready for GC & will be fine for next year

Thanks Grover, and Drew.
Anything on the other 21 "injuries?"

It's a good question but it's far, far too early to answer or speculate at this time. I'm sure that there will be more than a few changes next season as there is every off season in this league. Some of the players will be released others possibly retire , maybe a trade or two along the way , others who qualify may leave through Free agency. The one thing that is evident is that this team at season's end had a total player count on the roster including all the wounded on both IL's sitting at a staggering 68 bodies not including another 10 who ended the season on the Practice roster(Some ,not all will be signed for T.Camp). Do the math and without signing or recruiting another player if everyone of these guys came back we would have a ready made training camp roster of 78 players or 3 over the limit of 75.

So as you can see by the sheer numbers that more than a few of these players will have to go in the off season and it's going to be quite the task to determine which ones will stay and which ones will have to go to get things down to a workable number of bodies for when training camp opens next season.

It's also kind of hard to say what's going to happen or speculate until we see exactly who we have as pending possible free agents and what positions maybe affected by who we may lose as opposed to who we should sign as priorities.

Total Season ending Current Roster breakdown by position and nationality ( 78 players-46 act.-22 inj list - 10 p.r )

Offence and Special ( 40 players )
...rb....6.....(2 cdn / 4 imp )
...fb....1.....(1 cdn )
..rec...14...(6 cdn / 8 imp )
...ol....12...(7 cdn / 5 imp )
....k.....1....( 1 imp ) 1 cdn )

Defence (38 players ) 3 cdn / 2 imp )
...dt...5....( 3 cdn/ 2 imp ) 6 cdn / 6 imp )
..db...16..( 6 cdn / 10 imp )

Re the offensive line issues...

Is it the ability and talent of the players or is it the OL coaching and blocking assignments that could be suspect? Besides losing Condell as offensive coordinator, the team did also need to replace it's OL coach of the last few years.

I recall a number of years ago the OL was really bad and mid-season the team brought coach Sal back as OL coach and the improvement was for the better, quite noticeable and almost immediate.

Only coach Austin will know the true situation once the postmortem of the season takes place.

This is ironic. The front seven got pushed around and smoked to the tune of 160 yards on 20 carries (8.0 yards per carry) by John White and the Eskimos' offensive line.

And if Ted Laurent is not Steinauer's best player on defense then Laurent is being grossly overpaid. IMO he did not play up to expectations and his salary level against Edmonton.

He's a Pylon now. His time is done

Careful what you say

Ever take a look at how HUGE the EE OL is? Ticats DL weren't the only ones to get pushed around by them!

Ever consider that some of the players like Dyakowski (from what I heard today) might have been playing injured which would affect their play?

Yes there are certainly going to be changes but the solid core of players is here and I suspect that the Ticats may have fewer free agents than they had last season. No team remains the same from year to year. It is going to be good to get players like Butler and Washington back, which should help in the secondary.

Read into this what you want but this tweet from Toliver certainly sounds like he's moving on next season and possibly won't be back. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him give the NFL another shot next year.

Can't Be Denied @TToliver80 - Nov 13
Thank you tiger town for a fun and eventful two years #ticats

Or he's seen the writing on the wall after dropping what should have been catches in the ESF.

Good guy and I'd like to see him back but I think this is going to an interesting 2017.

Just reading some of banks Twitter posts I.e one closes another opens makes me wonder if he's not been told someway somehow u won't be back a cat