Locked threads - Part XVIII

Over the past week, there have been numerous threads locked and/or deleted. Some were locked in order to merge them with other, similar threads (thank you, K.W.). Other threads have been locked WITH NO EXPLANATION FROM THE MODERATOR AS TO WHY.

It seems that some reasons should be obvious - name-calling, baiting, foul language, derogatory remarks against gender/sexuality, etc.

Yet, there are other threads that are just as bad (or worse) that do NOT get locked/deleted.

There have been numerous, vicious personal attacks by a very few members against others, yet these members seem to get off scott free. Is it any wonder why members such as Mark, Wilf, borehamgirl, cattmann77, etc., no longer post as much as they used to?

I understand that there has been some upheaval in the Tiger-Cats organization in the past week, but to let this site deteriorate worse than the Lister Block is unacceptable.

Please, all I ask for is some accoutability from those who lock/delete threads.

Thank you.

There are so many threads on this, its so repetitive its crazy.

What ever happened to the time when a moderator saw an offending post, and DELETED the post, allowing the thread to move on.... now 3 back and forth comments and the thread is locked.

Anybody remember when Barrenchea got banned? that was a classic

this one will be locked tres soon LOL

Hmmm... there was a somewhat controversial post made early this morning that is no longer in this thread. I wonder if the author if it, or a site moderator deleted it?

Better track down Columbo to investigate it's disapearance.

Yet another locked thread today, and yet again, no explaination.

power trip must make some guys feel good

I'm special. I have the power to amuse myself elsewhere.

bump , i dare the mods to lock this thread.