Lock Up Porter

It's time to lock Quinton Porter up to a deal at starters money. And I think Adam Tafralis will be fine at #2...there's something about him that suggests he has a huge upside and is tailor made for this league.

I agree totally. Although we haven'tseen a whole lot of either QB, they have both shown all the skills necessary to really excel in the CFL. I hope we can keep them both around for a long time.
I believe 09 will be the year of the Cats!

Don't back up the Brink's truck yet.

While I agree that he seems to be the best QB prospect that has com down the 403 in a long time, you have to be careful not to "annoint" him as the chosen one TOO early...it will kill his development.

His career is still young.

I know a lot of you are basing your opinions on the monster game he had against the Als but that was one game out of 6.....the next week he was awful....that OK and normal for a young QB.

Unlike some other Cats who shall go nameless, let Porter earn the big bucks before you give them to him.

I wouldn't worry about the Brinks truck. I don't think that's happening.

Why wouldn't we annoint him?? That's what we do here?? The back up QB is always the best player on our team to hear others talk. :roll: (See Kevin Eakin and Timmy Chang)

I think QP is a great prospect as well, but don't want to see us throw him to the Lions like we have with many others. I won't be the least bit surprised if he has a great year and then tries his luck down south.

I think the Cats should for now at least treat Porter with kid gloves. They shouldn't do anything that boosts or lets down his confidence too much. If he has a good 09 season then I think by 2010-11 he will be an unstoppable force with his size and mobility. He seems quite durable also as he took some huge hits last year and it never even phased him. After the biggest one he took all year he was in on the next play to hold for Setta's FG.

The key here (as borehamgirl said) is to not jolt his development. Let him play and develop with good coaching. K. Jones is a pretty mellow guy and I think this combined with all his experience will really help Porter.

Porter has shown flashes in his first year--nothing more than that. He was poor-to-average more often than brilliant in limited action. Let's see if he's the real deal before tossing big $$ at him. Besides, it's not like he has any real options to go elsewhere. Even if he was cut tomorrow, I doubt if other teams would leap at the chance to sign him. Remember to ask yourselves---what's he really done?

In fact, I'm concerned about going to camp without a proven guy at QB. Going into 2009, every Hamilton QB is a still a huge question mark in my book.

An Argo-Cat fan

Get him some help on the O-LINE or he to will be running for his life like CP had to.

I do think you hold onto some money to lock him up mid season if he peforms as expected.

Give him starter's money now...it will boost his confidence, and prove the team appreciates him. What if we cheap out and he excels? Free agency may await.

Pay someone more money in anticipation of him possibly having a good season based on a few good games?? Great strategy. I think you're the only GM in the league worse than O'Billovich right now. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

8) You're right BG. If Mr. Porter come out of training camp established as the #1 QB, then you can give him some more money at that point !!!
   Until he wins the starting job, his contract remains status quo.

Spend the Printers money on D-Line, O-Line, and Linebackers. If Porter shows by week 10 that he is no fluke and this team is in contention, then I think you give him the Franchise Qb label and re-sign him to starter money. Until then, Im holding my breath...

Sort of related........sort of not.

First we had the Chang Gang.............then the Printers Union............what are Porter supporters going to come up with for a name?

Come to think of it, Porter Supporters might be it, at least it rhymes.

Wrong attitude...

Mr. Porter, like any other professional athlete wants 4 things

  1. To play
  2. To win
  3. To be one of the best at his position
  4. To make Big Money

It should be made clear to him if he accomplishes 1,2 and 3, number 4 will be a given

Thats the way that you encourage a player

We anointed and gave starter money to Don MacPherson and look how well that turned out. I think we get a back-up with experience and take a wait and see and hope approach with Porter. Let's not put the cart before the horse here.

I agree and i think the Cats should look at Mike Singletarry's example by not naming their QB until they test them in the wild

agreed, timmy chang? lol

Why would anyone have Adam ahead of Richie on the depth chart?

Adam will be lucky to win the third job with who ever else they bring in

dont get me started, im already all over this. it seems with marcel at the helm, everywun in ticat land has forgotten how valuable richie is, richie is capable of being even our starter.