Lock out or not

Does anyone know if there will be a season or not this year.

...there will be four seasons this year, 'cept in Vancouver which seems to get by with just two

There will be a season media, everybody's all talk, the CFL isn't strong enough to survive a lockout.

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Good one!

No lockout! I have no authority on the topic, but I say down with the lockout!

Dave Naylor reported today that it is "possible but unlikely" that a lockout or a strike would occur.


I think worst-case scenario, the season is delayed/shortened, but not canceled. I think the NHL proved how not to do things. :cowboy:

the NHL won their war, and no shortage of fans now.

However, with the CFL, there would be no winners no matter what happened.

Maybe not in Canada, but the numbers in the US are atrocious. Just because most Canadians are lemmings when it comes to hockey doesn't mean the league wasn't irreparably damaged from losing their season. I, for one, still refuse to watch the NHL and I was a big fan before the lockout.

ya man the nhl in the us is struggling, most ratings for games involving us teams playing are non existent. like 0.1 rating u know, if that happened to a tv show it would be cancelled immediately. why do u think cities like wpg quebec city hamilton kansas city etc.. are being throw out there... cuz theres atleast 4 teams who are STRUGGLING BAD.. id suspect its more like 8 or 10 who are struggling pretty big. i mean i dunno, the cap is so ridiculous in the NHL that unless u charge like 150 bucks a ticket, how can u actually make a profit?

as for the lockout talk.. i highly doubt it. it is still just april (mid april but still). lots of time to hammer out a proper deal and get it done. a deal will get done very soon and yeah everything will be all good. id suspect a deal is in place sometime next month even. no delays or anything. The cfl players arent stupid and neither are the owners.. this isnt multi million dollar prima donnas out there whinining that 5 million/yr isnt enough because they know that money like that will never happen in the cfl :slight_smile:

it will get done and b4 training camp even.

why do players play in the cfl? i think 1. because they just love football. these guys dont play for the money, some might but most dont.. they play cuz they love the game. u dont find that in any other league in north america.

I have not figured out all the reasons why, but in the US aside from perhaps in cities and states like Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York Metro, San Jose, and Los Angeles, even the average American into Olympic Hockey like me big time, with some in the above cities hating the Olympic break even as I learned, just cannot get into NHL Hockey.

Perhaps it is the niche craving for the goons on ice reputation that turns far more away than it turns on south of the border, but I have no idea. Few but in those towns give a hoot about the NHL playoffs with some like the douchebag homers here in Philadelphia without a care if the Flyers are not in them.

Uh, just how many of the NHL teams are profitable now? Have things really improved from the woeful finances five years ago post-lockout?

I think it's quite a leap for sake of most franchises south of the border to declare victory for the NHL post-lockout.

Right with regard to the CFL, though it would seem to me that though the stakes were higher for the NHL, paradoxically though each side in the CFL would have less to lose that's all there is to it for the players for the most part unlike in hockey where many players just went to play overseas during the lockout. The CFL is only in Canada after all.

No CFL means no UFL no NFL no New AFL et cetera for a far higher percentage of affected players lest they want to try their luck at pro rugby in the England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, France, or otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

your lose man. I am looking forward to the playoffs. Go Canucks :thup: