Local RB that's not Jesse

#23 John Williams.


Found this in his bio on this site:

Born September 23, 1977 in Millgrove, Ontario…the son of John ‘Twiggy’ Williams, who played for four teams during his eight-year CFL career (Calgary in 1967, Hamilton from 1969-74, Edmonton in 1974 and Toronto in 1975)…attended Waterdown High School where he was MVP of the school’s football team…resides in Hamilton during the off-season with his wife, Lyndsey, and their twin boys Taye and Kai.

Pretty cool to have another local RB and one whose father also played in the CFL and was a member of the Ti-Cats' 1972 Grey Cup winning team!

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=roster&func=display&ros_id=270]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=r ... ros_id=270[/url]

Yes it is, i sure hope he makes the team, he did play well Thursday.

he looked horrible on Thursday. and there is no way he makes the team this year we have too many good rb.

Williams will be kept around for his special teams play.

Agreed...thats the only reason he is here. Depth player.

I think you mixed up the first names because if anyone "looked horrible" Richie Williams was the player that would have stood out.

John Williams DID NOT look horrible Thursday, all our running backs looked good in the game. John had some very nice carries, but he mainly stood out to me as a force on special teams. He made some really nice tackles to stuff the return man.

I can tell you he will make this team this year and not only as a special teams guy but as the 3rd string Running Back. We will keep all 4 running backs this year only because the #3 and 4 running backs bring great special teams abilities to our football team.

Tre Smith will show us this Thursday that he will be returning kicks alongside Jo Jo Walker this season.

Both Jr and Sr Williams great individual persons as well.... well, there was that tossing O'shae to the Lions thing a few moons ago :smiley:

I specifically remember a nice run in which he juked past the first defender while the second dragged him down as he fell forward for another 2 or 3 yards for a very nice run and gain.

Also, his pass blocking was quite good. Big guy.

His special teams play is excellent.

I agree Willaims is a shoe-in to make the final cut.

As for Tre Smith, I hope his return game is better than Jo Jo. IMO, Walker serves no purpose on this team. He's not a very good return guy...ditto with his receiving ability. I can't understand why he's still here. (Maybe he has the right attitude and he's a good team guy, but he's just not good enough IMO.)

Two perfect reasons he will make the team....especially his pass blocking. In passing situations, he'll be Printer's #1 asset.

Not that you need another one, but a third reason: He's Canadian.

no i didnt mix up the first names, i just dont think he played vary good.

What specifically did he not do well that makes you say he was not very good?

i just dont recall seing him do anything that great, or even anything that made him stand out at all. but if u think he did that fine with me.

Well you have obviously not been to camp this year with a statement like that. Maybe you could understand why Jo Jo's is still here if you have checked him out in training camp...

I'm not going to argue with you over your opinion although it is a blind assessment of a players ability and not based on his performance in camp.

I can tell you from the camps I have actually attended(I've only missed 3 days since the start of rookie camp) that Jo Jo Walker has looked like the best returner, he is also looking good at receiver easily one of the top 5 out of our receivers maybe even top 3 considering all the receivers who have sat out a day or 2 when he has played on through his own bumps and bruises(Soar Hand and Hamstring).

I'm not saying Jo Jo will be our #1 go to guy but he is the type of player that we can count on to make those tough catches while taking that big hit as a #3, #4, or #5 receiver. I have no worries about Jo Jo making this team he is a solid receiver/returner.

That ceretainly doesn't mean he did not play well. Big difference.

A DB could be covering his man all night preventing the QB form throwing his way. That DB could never be noticed, never touch the ball, and yet he played well.

Same applies to an O-lineman. He could be blocking his man all night and not standing out, and yet he had a great game without standing out or doing anything great.

D-line could be containing the QB and plugging up running lanes with out making a sack or tackle, and still play well.

A receiver could be clearing routes for others to catch a ball, and he could be blocking downfield without getting any stats or notice, and still have a good game.

Just doing your job, and doing it well, mistake free is good enough if no one else does it better.

u cant really compare it like that cuz he did get the ball and he got a chance to show off. He just didnt impress me when he ran.

Actually you can compare it like that. He more than did his job. He carried the ball well, 5 times for 23 yards, blocked very well andwas a beast on special teams. So I can say that is a very far comparison.

where did u get 5 carrys for 23 yards from? cuz on the purolator live stat sheet it says 1 carry for 3 yards.

No, I haven't had a chance this year but in previous years I have been a regular at training camp. I've said this before, but when Dondre Gilliam was here he was always the best receiver at camp. (Do you recall this?) When it mattered, he dropped off the face of the earth (with the exception of his special teams play). Where is he now?

At any rate, different players = different situations. I'm not comparing him to Gilliam, just stating the fact that being a good practice player doesn't really mean anything.

My assessment of Walker is from the entire season last year and our first pre-season game this year. It's not a bad thing that he has worked hard in the offseason and is having a good camp, but it means nothing if he can't be productive on the field when it counts. I have seen little to nothing from Walker (other then getting run over last year numerous times and actually holding on and making a solid catch the one game) since he joined, and him having a good camp is not going to change my opinion.

If I'm wrong about him, I'll admit it. If he makes the team and actually does something either on offence or on special teams, it will change my opinion. Right now, all I see is dropped balls and fives yards per return. (And that's in game situations, not at camp.)

I know for sure he had a 10-yard carry to wrap up the first half. (Not that the last carry of a half means anything, but it does mean he had at least one carry for 10 yards.)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he had more than one carry. I think the stats guys may have mixed up the two Williams' on the field at the same time (John & Richie) Neither had their first initial on their jersey, I noticed, although you'd think those great big numbers might help distinguish them form each other.