Lobendahn done for season

Buck Pierce banged up, Lobendahn done for the season. Ouch.


Yeah Pierce will likely play Sunday, but missing Lobendahn does suck for us. He was having a killer year, with two defensive player of the week awards. It's a tough game these guys play.

That sucks.

In spite all the fun we are having by trash talking about the "Swaggerville" moniker, the Bombers resurgence is good for the league, especially in the East, where things needed to get a bit more interesting. Parity leads to better rivalries, better football, better ticket sales, and, yes, better trash-talk...all things good for the league.

It will be tough for the Bombers to replace Lobedahn, especially with the year he was having. Hopefully they can fill the hole. Pierce would be another problem entirely. I'm glad he's ok. The guy has earned a break (in the figurative sense, not the literal :slight_smile: )

Lets hope this doesn't hurt them too bad as a team, and that Lobedahn can get healthy and resume his career.

Pierce got let down by his o-line and it sounded like it was just an accumulative thing, not one particular play.

i'm sure you'll all agree with me but having the Bombers go on a 3 or 4 game losing streak will be good for them. it'll teach them some humility and realize that hard work, not talk will get them the wins and take them far.

not that i dont agree with you that them losing games will help with some humility, but not for the reason you think. Its not swaggerville, and that they were "arrogant" it was that they were too confident that they could just go into games and get the win just based on skill. In reality, the wins before were gritty, tough wins that didnt come easy at all.

That's a shame. Great player.

which players are talking? avon coburne tweeting crap… he plays for the cats… find me a quote from a bomber player talking crap… unlike DURANT… these guys do not talk crap about other players and fans… they just go out and have fun on the field… you’re really pushing it with your made up bull crap.

do you like pissing on the memory of a dead coach who told his guys to play with SWAG? cuz thats what you are doing everytime you make up this bullcrap about players talking crap…

the only players talking crap are players on other teams. get your head out of your ass.

Please take your own advice. :wink:

Get real, man. :roll:

Well what do you know? Only took 'em two losses to see the error of their ways....

Richard Harris was not the coach who said he wanted his players to play with swag. It was Mike Kelly and while he may be unhireable as a coach, he ain't dead.

Too bad about Pierce. Having a great season hopefully it doesn't affect his season.

As for Lobendahn that's just poetic justice. I have no sympathy for cheap shot artists when they get injured. The league is a better, and safer, place with him out.

Have to give credits to Marcellus Bowman; Lobo's replacement, so thus the Bombers defence may just have another weapon only in a different way.

Are you talking about when he knocked Cleo's teeth out??? Because I honestly can't recall him being a dirty player.