Is there even 500 people at Ron Joyce Stadium?...lol
I wish this game was on ESPN... Would look good on Bob.

Oh ...it's the traffic...lol gotta love Onterrible

12 points in a half of football....this excitement is killin me

The camera angles and the odd stand views gives it a high school feel.

A huge collision on the Skyway meant people were two hours late getting home from work. The alternate routes, already jammed on a good day, were parking lots because of the increased volume.

Some drunk in a dump truck driving around with the back part up crashed into some scaffolding on the bridge. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

And of the people who made it, I'm sure half of them were in the "beer garden", as alcohol is not allowed in the stands.

Ah, another wonderful dump truck driver( I use the term 'driver' very reluctantly) caused a collision. It's really not relevant that he was drunk because I can drive drunk better than dumpers can drive sober. They are a class unto themselves. Please avoid them ALWAYS !!!..................My son made it to the game from the north end, just before the accident and he said traffic was already heavy. I would love to have been at that game.Two Pro teams playing at a university is what endears me to the CFL. These kind of things will be looked at in the future the same way we fondly look at the Fog Bowl, the Mud Bowl, etc. The CFL is unique in so many ways and always exciting. Laugh at the stadium if you will, but WHAT A GAME !!!