LMAO Dolphins execute the perfect butt-punt against the Bills

this was absolutely hysterical


Pretty funny. The game wasn’t on in my area so I hadn’t seen it. Reminds me of the CFL ass fumble recovery rule.

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One of these days the 'butt-punt' will wind up lodged between the butt cheeks of some 350 lb lineman... :grin:

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Misplays of the month winner for sure.


And the gadget they'd use for the sound effect would be a whoopie cushion.


When I saw the play live I thought the punter had actually kicked the ball backwards…


yea me too. the play by play guys were pretty confused too until they saw the reply.

the NFL end zones always look so tiny to me after watching CFL games previous day.

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I wonder if he has a bruise with lace prints on his butt?

Why didn't Dolphin coach give up a safety instead to save themselves the embarrassment of the poor execution of that punt?

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...it would have been a tie game at the end of regulation?

What?! The coach has no faith in his defense to stop the Bills. The Bills have their flaws, they're beatable

lol this pic :joy: ouch! :football:

watching a replay of the game on NFL network and this just happened. so funny again.

love the pbp guy: “brings a new meaning to a kick in the you know what!” :rofl:

I watched that several times as it happened ...laughed harder every time

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Fins really had no business winning that game. time of possession heavily favoured the Bills. heat was so bad guys were dropping like flies in second half (100 deg F). Allen missed a gimmie winning TD throw on that last goal line stand by the the dolphins right before the butt punt. he should have run it in himself because he was running over the dolphins all day. fins had a few big plays that made the difference.