is boss.


What a first half that guys had he was everywhere, and looked solid for the whole game I was impressed the first time that I have been impressed with him.

not the first time i've been impressed with him... however it was a HUGE outing for him... i especially loved that his he lay on smiling hank when perry was in hanks face :slight_smile:...

keep the train on its tracks... !

Dude is a keeper!!!

Man oh man can this kid hit. I was impressed in previous games with his play, and he definitly came hard against calgary. Like Jman said, "Dude is a Keeper!!!!"

u got that 1 right 8)

I will be VERY surprized if Lloyd is NOT the defensive player of the week. HE was a MONSTER! I liked how he put on the carved-out melon after the game! Very classy!

If he isnt the player of the week, then hell will break loose. Where, i dunno... lol

Rumor has it he's got hurt during the finale few minutes of the game and is questionable for the game against BC, has anyone heard more about this or do u think its just the leaderpost conjuring up another story....?

now that you mention it he mayhave looked like he had a slight limp when he had on that melon hat... I hope hes not bad though... However if hes out we still have mike mccoulluh who's maybe not as much as an athlete but a very heads up player none-the-less


Its no doubt that he played very well this game. But before this game I have not been impressed with him. The game against Montreal a couple weeks ago (the one we won) I thought he was the worst player on the field.
Lets hope he plays like he did on Sunday every game though. He has the skills obviously

well he had a good game and i hope he can prove to people that it wasnt just a fluke!! We need a good linebacker and i see Grace is available :cowboy:

That was definately his best game so far, but it was easily his best game.
He wasn't so good in the others, so I'll wait for the huge endorsement.
But I will say two things, the potential does appear to be there, and he does seem to be getting better each week.

Too bad Lloyd wasn't named Defensive player of the week! He did get honourable mention, and he lost out to a fellow teammate, so we got the best of both worlds! He'll be a monster again come Sunday!

Considering he is a rookie I think he is doing a damn fine job....mistakes or no mistakes.

I have one question though..why is it half the team looks like they are from the movie "Predator" or "Cool Runnings".

Youth eh..I guess its all the rage :slight_smile:

They are from Predator... :rockin:

I hope so....

If your player can turn invisible, is that legal?

Well, I should think so... I mean, a reff would penalize us for too many men. But there is no counter-part to having 11 men on the field... ( or what is percevably 11 men ) ...

But this may or maynot be a good idea...

its been raining out here in bc ( victoria at least ) pretty much non stop for about a week and a bit now.. so theres plenty of mud for the lions to cover themselves with...

I'd say the pro and con scale is at about 50-50

Regardless I am going to this game Rain, Shine, Earthquake or hell on earth.