Lloyd or McKenzie...who re-signs?

Billy, thanks for the post. Unfortunately for us, Mo Lloyd will be demanding BIG $$$ and I bet BC unloaded Williams, Clermont, etc to sign him. Expect Lloyd to be making>$200G's

The talk shows out here are predicting they may end up with the Lions. We have so much salary cap room it could be done. When Wally was asked if he would do it, he replied

" I can't talk about players who are currently under contract, but ask me that question after Feb 16 (? )"

Then he gave the reporter a big smile.

I guess, read what you want to into that.

I think Edmonton plans to give Wally a run for his money on this one..........

The vault is open, and we sure have some major, major, holes on defense to fill. Should be a "win-win" for those players!

I'm with you on this one...

The Riders only need only one of those guys... since Williams and Lucas are back, with the draft coming up, and you can always put Kitwana Jones back at LB.

If you're right on this one, time to buy some stocks!

Sambo, you are right, one of the guys could re-sign, but not both. Mo will be expecting BIG $ (200G's is not a stretch). Anton will probably return if Mo signs somewhere else. Maybe the Riders should just offer Anton what he wants and set Mo free, knowing he is out of our league...money wise!

the so called experts are saying their going to BC or Edmonton
WIth our trade (James Johnson) freeing up 80,000 so hopefully we can still keep one of them
RIght now i dont care if they offer 130,000(original offer) + 80,000 saved = 210,000
We need one of them

  • matt's salary

I have to disagree with the end of your statement dariderfan. If we do in fact lose both it will not be because they are out of our league "money wise" but rather "management priority wise". I can't see how the Riders don't have the most cap room of any team in the league rite now, and nothing but profits the last few years, so money can't be an issue in eighther of these areas of concern.

  • McGrath’s salary
  • somebody has to play corner
    -somebody has to play receiver.
    We likely can save quite a bit by releasing Matt, but likely save next to nothing by trading JJ. Though playing/paying Clermont instead of Getzlaf or McKoy or Bagg likely eats away most of the Dominguez savings.
    McGrath instead of Abou is likely nearly a wash.

-Sounds like we won't resign Flick so that will free up the Clermont money.

-We will most likely resign Dominguez for a smaller salary

-I think that since we have already signed R Williams that we can let Anton go and put the money towards resigning LLoyd

The Riders don't have to worry about re-signing either player. McKenzie is off to BC and Lloyd has followed Richie to Edmonton. No wonder the Esks were willing to part with Shabazz. I heard that McKenzie is getting around 193,000.. Mo must be in the 200K or higher range. It makes on wonder how much they wanted to come back here anyway.

its crap really!

They obviously didn't want to play here, or they would still be here. The offer I'd heard given to Lloyd was $135,000 plus incentives - that'd be enough to keep me in green if I really wanted to be there.

Agreed jm.. the other thing I wonder about is how much of a factor was not having ET doing the negotiating hurt us...

I doubt it hurt us at all. I don't believe an offer of 135 was a serious offer and so ET never really thought , or tried, to sign him. You'll never convince me that we couldn't find another 15-25 thou to get a deal done if we were serious. And I said it when we signed Clermont--if the choice was between signing Clermont and Mo, we clearly have chosen poorly. It's likely a little unfair to look at it that way, but there it is....
We just went from the strength of the team being linebacker to the biggest question mark on the team being linebacker. Sweet!

I somewhat disagree with your last paragraph.. I believe our biggest question mark is still at QB.. Williams looks like he is going to be good while Lucas has improved every year. If you take Jones and put him back into the linebacking corps.. we don't look so weak there. Durant still has to prove himself after having a poor second half last year, and if he gets injured then wer are up sh!t creek without a paddle...