Lloyd or McKenzie...who re-signs?

Considering how good both Mo and Anton played last year, there is no way the salary cap will allow both players to re-sign. Who stays in the fold, and who goes for "un-'green'er pastures"?

I completely disagree with the comment "there is no way the salary cap will allow both players to re-sign"
There is easily a way both players can resign. We do not have a QB that makes anywhere close to top QB dollars, so there has to be money available. Anton shouldn't be super expensive, and Lloyd should get what he deserves which in my opinion is more than the reported 120,000 offered.

Given the choice, I would take Lloyd. He is younger, and is the best MLB in the league. Plus I don't think we have a legitimate replacement for Lloyd, but we do for Anton, in Williams.

All that being said I think both should be signed.

I also think that the riders should be able to sign both. We don't have a high paid QB like many other teams or several high priced import receivers (lol Calgary has both). However, I think the Riders may have a lot of players that are on the so called "mid range" pay scale. The problem is that all of what I am saying is speculation! No one knows for sure how much each individual player is being paid or how much they are asking. It is all speculation.
I think this whole situation will come down to needs and wants. The riders will have to decide if the actually need both or if some of the cap would be better spent on a player for a different position. IMHO I think Renauld Williams is a fine replacement for Anton and that would allow us to spend that money on a better backup QB or a better defensive lineman which I think we badly need. Unfortunately we will have to cross our fingers and wait to see what happens.

P.S. I read on Anton's wall on facebook that he is going to wait until free agency regardless of the riders offer.

I'm with Billy.........Lloyd is the best MLB in the CFL, and McKenzie, while really good, can be adequately replaced by Williams. Sure if I was in Riders' management I'd like to have both re-signed, but if it can't be done and had to choose, then Lloyd.

In today Leader-Post, it says that they are getting mixed signals from McKenzie. I wonder if both he and Lloyd are waiting to see what offers come their way, and if the Riders can match it, they can't afford to keep both IMO. The Riders should make a good offer to one, and let the other one go.

Maybe Anton's value goes up when MO is no longer a Rider..

Maybe Anton knows this and is waiting for MO to sign else where.

Its for that reason, deflated, that I believe the Riders should make an offer at least one of them before the 15th. Maybe make an offer to both and whoever signs first, then withdraw the offer to the other. One of them will no longer be a Rider after the 15th, possibly both if no effort is made to at least sign at least one.

None of us really know anything. We are all just guessing and discussing scenarios that exist primarily in our own imaginations.

The only thing I can add is that once I was offered a job in the USA and I was given a month to decide if I was going to take it or not. Well, as soon as I hung up the phone, I was 99.9% certain that I was going to take the job (which I did) but I held out for the entire 30 days before I gave them my answer. I even resisted giving my answer prematurely when they phoned me twice in that time period to pressure me into giving them an answer and yet I held my ground. I did this for many reasons but primarily it was to give the people the idea that I was in control of my life and not them. I wanted them to know that they needed me and I did not need them. Also, I realized that circumstances could change during that month which could affect my decision either way.

Premature decisions have a greater chance of biting us in the rear end far than decisions made after a lot of reflection.

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=266549&lid=sublink03&lpos=headlines_cfl]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=266549&lid= ... dlines_cfl[/url]
"I understand that we made Anton an offer that he verbally accepted,'' Roughriders head coach Ken Miller said on Monday. "Then when he received the paperwork, he rejected it. That's something that I have to follow up and get more information on.''

But while McKenzie's agent did not refute Miller's claim, he did say talks between the two sides have been smooth since the incident.

"What was reported earlier is true, albeit it occurred over six weeks ago,'' Richard M. Bernstein said in an e-mail to the StarPhoenix. "Since the aforementioned incident took place, we have had amicable discussions with the Roughriders organization."

Too bad Eric's not around to explain that mess. If it tells us anything, it tells us they're close, and that Anton is interested in coming back.

Well what u gathered from the Miller interview yesterday (like mentioned above) is Anton verbally commited then didn't want to put his ink on the dotted line. Miller also said he had a metting planned with Mo yesterday... hmmmmm, just basing of those two facts, it makes me think Mo is carrying more of the interest at this point in time.

The Great Gazoo has informed me that both MO and Anton are in the catbirds seat, and are paying close attention to their agents advice by keeping all options open by not to burning bridges and playing politics with a smile.

The Great Gazoo is also very confidant that Anton will re-sign with the Riders before March for an even larger chunk of bling once MO has moved on, i am in agreement with this and will put my reputation on the line backing The Great Gazoo's theory...

I'll wager two internets it goes the other way. Mo Llyod sticking 'round and Anton McKenzie flying the coop.

All of these theories are making this WAY more complicated than it is.

Both of these players are up for what will likely be the largest football contract of their lives. So, both likely want to see just what the market will bear, in terms of numbers. The only thing to be drawn from the fact that they haven't signed is that they want to see how much money they can make. And, all else being equal, they will play next year for whoever is willing to pay them the most.

There may be the possibility of a small, "hometown" discount, because of familiarity, etc. So, as Geno put it, would they go to Toronto for $5K more? Maybe not. They may stay if the Riders match the best offer out there. But that's about it. Assuming we have an apples to apples comparison in terms of contract length and structure, they want as much as they can get, and the only way they can determine that is by testing the free agent waters. And there's nothing wrong with that. To a young man with a short career, loyalties can't run that deep if you're leaving money on the table. And, let's face it, it's not like anywhere they're signing is their home. It would be akin to a Canadian hockey player playing in the Swedish Elite League - he's not going to have any real allegiance to any one team over another.

Frankly, the only way either of them would have signed in SK by now is if ET had made a ridiculously high offer and effectively overpaid for them. It makes no sense for the Riders to do that, either.

I have said this before...

Mo Lloyd needs Barrin Simpson money.

I think Artie sumed it up perfectly. The one we have to be worried about now is Mr. Buono. He has piles of cap space and I'm sure he is determined not to let the Riders have both back. By signing another teams free agents, you are not only strengthening your team, but also weakening the (divisional, in this case) opponent. It's a double win for B.C. if they can get one of these two away from the Riders. Edmonton will probably make some noise also, with the Hall thing and all. Mo and Anton would be foolish not to take the "wait and see" approach.

I doubt even Barrin gets Barrin Simpson money anymore... but if your point is, whatever the highest paid LB in the league gets + 10% for Mo, then point well made. I think Mo should be our highest paid player {unless the QBs make more than I think} and then Anton should be a little less. But if you can only afford one, it's a no brainer---middlelinebackers are rare, outside linebackers a dime a dozen.... plus Mo is 2 years younger.
A lot of people when assessing the great 35 year play-off streak the 'Smoes went on, they think QB. And true, there were some good QBs. But Another common thread was middle linebacker---Kepley, Bass, Pless. 3 hall of fame LBs. When did the play-off streak end? when they became mediocre in the middle. Do the math. They are still excellent at QB....

Exactly arius.

Game changers on Defence are in my opinion worth just as much if not more than a game changer on O.

I am keen on learning about todays SMS and how it differs from that of the glory days of Kepley , Bass and Pless . So…

During the era of Kepley , Bass and Pless I was under the impression Edmonton had a river of cash to throw at any desired player in the form of clever cotract type “monkey business”, front loaded, back loaded, signing bonuses ,insentives, contract extensions, or whatever…

I’m not sure, but did any of those 3 mentioned ever hit the F/A with Edmonton, I doubt it , who would of wanted to…lol

No offence, but i think ET really works the hardcap stuff favourabley to a convenient extreme. As in…

Why was MO really allowed to reach the F/A?
And why was there not an attempt at a contract EXTENSION well prior to the mid Dec. contract OFFER.

Surely our top dogs with their infinite wisdom knew that nothing positive could come out of MO hitting F/A

(I apologize for grammer and spelling errors)

As long as you asked...
There was no salary cap during the Kepley or Bass era, and if there was during the Pless days, nobody took it seriously. Both Bass and Pless ended up in Edmonton largely because of the abscence of a cap--I believe both were free agent signings.
So here we are in 2009. What is different? In the 80s and 90s, a team like Edmonton, flush with cash, as you suggest, routinely outbid teams like the Riders for top free agents. In todays SMS era, supposedly, that should not happen. There are two reasons for the SMS. One is to keep spending league wide under control and keep teams from getting into financial trouble. But the other is to, supposedly, allow small market teams like the Riders to compete for free agents. In 2007 and 2008, there was a period of adjustment. There is no excuse in 2009 not to sign a key free agent like Mo. We likely are still suffering from the injury bug as teams with cap space can use that up in 2008 for 2009. However, as we spend likely half the money on QBs as some teams, we should have plenty of cap room to sign a couple of top players like Mo and Anton.

And Arius, I think we're seeing some of that. Looking at the Free Agent thread in the general forum, we've probably fared as well or better as any team thus far in terms of re-signings, and net player-in/player-out movement.

The SMS has resulted in a massive salary dump in BC, the potential (probable) loss of Murphy, big changes in Winnipeg and Edmonton that are not NFL-related. Frankly, if one of Anton or Mo re-signs with us, our free agency period is in my mind an unqualified success. If we get both, regardless of whatever else happens, I'd wager that we came out of the FA period the best of any team in the League.