LL Cool J to help Lions ring in the 2023 season

VANCOUVER — ‘Don’t Call It A Comeback.’ LL COOL J will rock BC Place on Saturday, June 17. The BC Lions are thrilled to announce the two-time Grammy winner, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, founder and CEO of Rock The Bells and international Hip-Hop icon will headline our Concert Kickoff prior to the home opener against the Edmonton Elks. LL’s performance gets going at 3:00 pm inside BC Place.

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This should bring in at least 34k like last years OneRepublic concert.

Wow does he go way back.

Somehow I don’t think “Around The Way Girl” will be in the performance.

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Dont have any connection to rap music,never been a fan,but I know the name. I like the new BC owner. I would think Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman would be bigger draw?

The R&R HOF is a joke! The Guess Who and BTO are not in.

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I like your way of thinking. But the team wants to attract and build on a younger audience and fans. Not people like you and me. :slight_smile:

LL Cool J will also bring in older fans that found that style of music early in their life…

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I think you hit the nail on the head. LL and One Direction don’t cause me to raise an eyebrow and I would be getting beer while they were playing to avoid them. No talent whatsoever and I don’t consider rap to be music.

But I’m not the target audience so I’m good with what they are doing.

Thanks for the kind response . Bachman Turner last Grey Cup performance was unbelievable ,the young people loved it.

I still remember the speaker that blew out while playing a BTO record. The woofer was a little weak to begin with. I’d bet my last dollar that there would still be young kids today that would have loved that sound. Until the speaker wonked of course.

But that’s a far cry from getting people to get their asses to a stadium, and buy hot dogs, hats, etc. Their parents have to bring them. Those parents may just show up to see LL Cool J.

If you have Paramount+ in the US or otherwise, I highly recommend the “Behind The Music” episode about him. I was surprised to learn just how much he has accomplished beyond his legendary status in rap and hip hop.

I’ve known about LL Cool J all my life though not generally a fan of rap music of which he was one of the early artists out of Queens, New York City well before it went mainstream, though years later he was amongst the founders of the hip hop genre before achieving much success beyond music as well.

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Great news for :bclions: fans LL Cool J should / will bring in the right demographic needed for the future of football success in Vancouver. Despite “some” of us old bunch…I support “ALL” music genres. Seams to me I’ve heard crazy stories of how Rock and Roll is not music…hmmm Elvis? Who’s that?

If Amar Doman continues to draw large crowds, perhaps other clubs will need to copy and paste. Even if it’s only the season opener, the younger generation will become more interested.


The problem is that yes they can draw a big crowd, but the crowd is there to watch the concert not the football.
Last years home opener 34k for OneRepublic the next home game 14k and small crowds after that despite having a great Cdn QB a winning season and making the playoffs and seat sales.
But it’s worth the try I suppose.

100% correct.

Butt and like mine, it’s a big one…if a good time is had at the game, IE: an entertaining game, and they meet a few new “real” people (not one of the 2000 friends on the I-phone). Maybe, just maybe you slowly build the next generation of fans.
I dragged my young children to football games with the bribery of treats (junk food) and A&W if the Bombers win. Being devorced with regularly scheduled time with my children, had them looking forward to the next game even if it were on a non scheduled visitation day, they still came to the games. Plus the Bombers had fireworks after the game, the children loved that more than the game.

Today my son and is cousin drags their son’s to the football games, though they hardly watch the game, they look forward to spending time together.

The one thing we do know is, not going to the game at all, doesn’t work.


When I visit Ottawa and go to a game, I notice a lot of young people standing around on the walkway between the upper and lower deck and many gather on the patio behind the end zone. All having fun.
I think many buy tickets but don’t sit in their seats.


Don’t call it a comeback! / Cause I been here for years!

Love me some classic LL Cool J.


The game can be secondary, if young people are at the game and enjoying themselves, just hanging out, great. Young people spend money, unlike many aged people…that’s because many of the young people live with their parents, or live off their parents money ie: groceries, bills, rent, vehicles…
Doesn’t matter tho, as long as they are there.