Suprise, Bashir Livingston is cut by Toronto. Provided he is healthy, the Als should pick him up. Unless he is injured,Bashir would be explosive and add to the Al’s offense.

Well, Popp seems to have a preference for guys who are more than one-dimensional. Livingston can only return kicks so the Als are probably not interested. Same reason why Stokes was released.

Nowadays, Bratton hasn't done much. Davis hasn't been impressive neither.

Bashir Levingston is a Defensive player, but he can be used in the Offense as well. He has the ability to catch, but he's mostly dangerous when he has the ball, that's why he can be used as a Catch and Run type of player.

I think Montreal should go after him. I think Pinball and Bash didn't see eye to eye, that's one of the main reasons to his dismisal. Also, Levingston has the tendency to run backwards and lose yards. But at this point, I think we need a threat like him, who can help our Offense a bit, and getter better field position.

Or better yet, why not bring Ezra Landry back? He's just as dangerous. I miss that guy :rockin:

Levingston and Landry,IMO have 1 thing in common. They either take it all the way or the get 3-4 yards.

I dont think Levingston was a team player. All he cared for was stats and returning for a TD. Sure on the surface its a good thing but far too often he wasted time on the clock by running for 65 yards sideways.

Like I just said, it was everything or nothing with him, and most times it was nothing.

I wouldn't touch Levingston. Bratton was actually piling up a nice little bag of return yardage before his knee injury.

You just have to look around the league to see that teams aren't in a position to assign a roster spot to a "pure" returner. Especially not one that makes six figures.

Its too bad because its an exciting part of the CFL game and the fans miss out but I can see why its happening.