Livechat Ticats at Roughriders Saturday

Hello all!

Welcome to our second-to-last liveblog of the regular season! This week, the Cats take on the Riders at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

So, um ... the Weather Network is predicting a high of six degrees with mixed precipitation for Regina, tomorrow. That would be rain mixed with the dreaded "s" word. Think you can stand to watch?

Here, in Hamilton, we'll be basking in balmy eight degree temps.Perfect for catching the game on TV and logging on to our favourite liveblog commentators.

Once again, CFL vets and former Ticats Ryan Donnelly and Sandy Beveridge will guide you through the ins-and-outs of the game, offering insight, humour, anecdotes and just an all-around good time. Join in the chat or just hang back and follow along.

Click here for the link:

Kickoff is 1pm local, 3pm ET!

Sheryl Nadler
Hamilton Editor