Livechat Sunday during Ticats at Alouettes

Hello all,

Hamilton at Montreal on Sunday! Again!

Have a question about the game? Feel the need to throw things at the TV? The dog doesn’t appreciate your post-TD antics? Is playing CFL trivia alone getting you down?

Then join a community of people who get you, understand you and appreciate your off-the-field dance! Nine-year CFL veteran, former Ticat and Winnipeg Blue Bomber Ryan Donnelly will be joined once again by his former teammate, 7-year CFL vet Sandy Beveridge, to give you real-time analysis of the game and behind-the-scenes perspective. Join the chat or just hang back and lurk.

Chat starts at 1pm ET Sunday. Click here for the link.

See you then!

Sheryl Nadler
Hamilton Editor

Sheryl, love reading your columns in The Spec, keep up the excellent work. Dreschel could learn a thing or two from you! Tell him a TiCat fan said that, I'm sure he'll love that. :wink: