Live Workout Feeds

On YouTube you have people watching live feeds of things from ants to babysitting someone’s science project.

If they don’t already is this something the league’s individual teams should consider putting on their YouTube’s pages? As in their players’ workouts when they hit the team gym?

I don’t think the vast majority would be interested, but I could see a few diehards wanting to be close to their team.

Yeah, anything, I can’t remember such a dead off season, it’s like there’s nothing going on. What happened to that mid off season festival that ran for a couple of years, that die out to //?

If it was me as a player on that team…I would avoid that gym. That would be a hard pass.

contract negotiation year…it was canned this go, but is slated to return next season. CFL knew the PA would tell their players not to attend…which is exactly what the PA did

I imagine NFL players didn’t like it when HBO was following them 24/7.

I know some posters here want the CFL to do something like the NFL has with NFL Films, but I think the only way that’s going to happen is with fan films.

Who knows? Maybe a CFL player will do something interesting in front of the camera and a fan who is interested in that kind of thing will create a video compilation.

Call it candid camera.

(slow off season).

I was thinking this has been the most lively off seasons I can remember, what with:

  • significant FA signings
  • Montreal maybe for sale
  • CBA negotiations underway (though not a tonne of news on this so far)
  • ongoing Schooners progress and speculation
  • CFL 2.0 agreements, combines, drafts

In the off-season players generally aren’t all in one place which makes the logistics difficult. But we did do a series last year called The Grind that is almost exactly what you’re speaking of. :slight_smile:

There is a massive difference between an edited full access coverage of team activates and a live feed of people in a gym working out.

Was thinking the same lol

That's right, the gym of players can't be turned into a show. I think, If I was a player, it would be distracting for me and it would affect my game.