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Is anyone offering live streaming of games on internet this year? I have season tickets, but I would like to watch away games. Last year I believe TSN would randomly select a small handful of games and live stream them, but I can't see if they are doing that anywhere this year. I know I can watch the games post haste on TSN, but is there a way to do it live?

bump: I do miss how CBC streamed every game.

when was this? I have no recollection of that ever happening.

Bell and Virgin offer TSN Mobile:

If you have a method of utilizing a proxy via the US:

[url=] ... eague/CFL/[/url]

I would think steaming will come in the near future…if they are smart they will apply a PPV status to it…say 5 bux a game.

Last time CBC had the rights, before the CFL decided to limit their audience by going cable only. Every game they broadcast was streamed in a fairly high quality from the cbc sports website. They still do it with Hockey night in canada.

I am not a Bell or Virgin customer, so I can not watch on phone.

It doesn't make sense, why not have your advertisement viewed by as many as possible. Plus when it is streamed (vs TV), it is directly trackable, meaning no guessing games on the number of viewers, which means easier to charge advertisers.


CBC can get away with it because they have so much public funding. Online broadcasting is just starting to learn how to make money off of advertising. The thing is, commercial spots are paid for by TV viewership...that needs to change before we ever see mass amounts of live streaming. TSN already streams a lot of events, so you know they are building in that direction.

Didn’t they try charging per game for streaming a couple of years ago? I don’t remember it being very popular.

I've never enjoyed the live streaming experience because of the constant stop-and-go nature of the media. Consequently I just haven't bothered watching anything "live streamed" for at least a year. Maybe they're getting better at this though?

I do like the Game Tracker tech everybody (including the CFL) is now using.

Streaming Seriously! Like I want to watcha game on my cell Phone . Cost about $30 !!! Or on CFL GameTracker
with NO Video. Working So miss 2nd half. Have Large pc screen so streaming would be great.
Last year most games where streamed. Much harder this year. Tried Rogers streaming for ONE MONTH cost over $100
big ones. Almost cheaper to fly to the game ?? LOL

Google is your friend.

Just Google "live streaming sports websites" or something like that and you'll pull up dozens of sites that stream all kinds of different sports. The CFL is usually under the "American Football" category of these sites. They'll typically have a few different streams to choose from so you can click around for the best one or click on a different one if the one you're watching freezes (I find this doesn't happen too often). Once you're at a site that's playing the game, you have to close a bunch of ads that cover the video player (and they almost always hide the close X or make it tiny to try and trick you into clicking on the ad) but once you get those outta the way, you're good to go. And a lot of the streams come from the UK or the US, which means you get to watch some different commercials besides the usual RONA and Wendy's stuff. The ones from ESPN 3 just give you a little placeholder screen when the commercials are on.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Geeeeee THANKS but NO. I checked those google sits out for 3 hour twice. THEY lead you to paying so not FREE’
Others are blocked or gone away. NOT easy to fined this year. undtravlinmatt. Wish it was that easy.Last year thier were 2 sites but were having blockage during the game. There are lots of pay sites. I just need the odd game for the guys at work!

Before anybody tells me I'm cheap and should go to games or subscribe to TSN, I'm 17 so that really isn't an option. As soon as I have money I do plan on helping the league out!

But until then, this is the website I use:

There are a few ads when the page first loads, but you just have to click on the x's and you'll be able to watch the game easily.