Live play my ass

NFL with as many as a dozen games on at the same time, can and usually do, update in about 15 seconds. Almost never 2 plays behind, and often no play behind.

Meanwhile, out inadequate guys can't even handle one game at a time without taking an average of about 3 minutes to update, and as many as 6 plus plays behind., still 3rd rate.

Have to agree here. I dont have cable so I only get to watch the Friday games at home. I find it better to follow game threads for updates.

Agreed 100%. If it takes that long for even the score to be updated, what's the point?

it just took 2 minutes and 55 seconds of play time to update. That included stoppage for penalty, convert, and set up for kick off. simply pathetic.

There really is no point! At least there are links posted for radio broadcasts here!

To add to my first comment, I don't care if the player stats (i.e. passes, completion percentage, etc.) are updated live. But at the very least, we should be able to have the score, field position, number of downs, and yards to next first down as close to live as possible. If the TSN broadcast can update in real time, then I would think that the Live Player could too.

What's also annoying is that if you click on the "Live Play" link before the game starts (or rather, before the game has already been going on for 5 minutes), it just tells you, "No Plays have been entered. Try again soon," or something like that. Why can't it show you the Live Play screen with no data entered, or auto-refresh until at least one play has been entered?

No kidding, I'll be on the computer and watching the game and the Tv will say exp Calgary 12 - Toronto 4, and 5:04 left in the 2nd quarter, I'll look at and it will be 9-4 Calgary with 7:21 left in the 2nd, look at the NFL it alerts you if theres a big play ! exp 53 yard TD pass to Randy Moss NE Patriots!!! Then quickly update the score!

It’s called financial resources, my friends. The day the CFL makes a billion or two from from TV revenues…

YOu mean if we had the same money as NFL, then we could hire the same quality of people to program and run this website???

I think you missed the boat on this one Mark… It’s hardly about financial resources because they are paying at least one individual to keep things ‘up-to-date’… I would suggest there are 2 or 3 people involved and they probably make the updates from the stadiums…

I'd like to believe that they do but the live update is just as likely run by a student intern surfing the web. That's the way we do things here.

I also get a little annoyed by the long delay with in-game updates
... but maybe the problem isn't with the website's resources.

I wonder if there is possibly a delay getting the official
yardage numbers relayed from the scorekeepers on the sidelines.
Maybe their resources are slim.
I doubt the site admin is calculating stat numbers himself.


they dont seem to have any problem at where they sometimes have as many as 13 games at the same time.

Nor does TSN, nor does the person operating the scoreboard at the TiCats games. I imagine other CFL stadia are equally real time-y.

I don't think it's not a matter of the girth of their resources. It's a matter of how those resources are being allocated.

You actually USE that feature? With the radio links and live internet games why even bother with that? Even at the office behind a very strict firewall I can still stream a radio station, though I usually use my 3G wireless connection.

I mostly try to use it to keep track of stats, or to catch up on what I missed while going to the can, or.....

My Gawd…some of you need to get into the real world more often…
the writer of the OP complains about a free site that he uses while he is in the can so he can keep up with the stats but its 6 plays behind while the game is on TV.
A travesty, a real travesty.

a few short years ago he would have had to wait til the next days sports pages.

Reading a few of your posts FYB makes you sound like a really grumpy old man.

a few short yrs ago, was as good as it is today, and its a free site too.

why shouldnt we expect the same efficiency?? why should all things cfl related have to be second rate, or "bush" as so many like to say???

Why shouldn’t the top CFL player make 12 mil like his NFL counterpart instead of $300,000.
why is the minimum in NFL $750,000 not the $45,000 as in CFL
same answer, you know that.
C’mon relax.

and …being poorer, having less money doesn’t make you bush.
just means you are poorer.