Live play by play

somebody out there somewhere does.

Glad you guys like the new live play by play...The backend was developed by BSharp technologies and the Design was by MRX...It is a project I have been working on for most of the off-season with the developers...they did a great job.


Great improvement

one thing though I can't tell FG kicks have been return out of the end zone or not, is that the Kick Return section? or does that also apply to Kickoffs?

Well, please Kanga, find that person and discuss it with him/her through private messaging.

Honestly, you've come back with your action point and the "ball hits the upright" rule about 80 times just this past winter, and no one has ever responded to you except to tell you these rules are unwanted and unjustifiable.

Couldn't you find something new to talk about?

ok, how about how does this live play by play work, cuz I'd like to know if a ball that was kicked on a wide FG was return to the field of play, and I know that the Play by Play shows that, but I'm not sure if it's the Kick Return part that says so, or if it also talks about kickoffs.

and I talk about it alot because I love to and because I know that there is somebody out there who will read it and agree with me, despite the citisium that I get on here from the hardliners.

KK, live Play by Play works thusly.....

Click on the Live Play by Play link.
Read the Live Play by Play.
Repeat as necessary.

crap, that alot of work.

it’s not that I don’t want somebody to do it for me, it’s just I like it to be simper for people to look up certain things, like the old stats did after a game.

wait I found what I was ooking for, no worrys!