Live play by play

It has a link to tonights game. I hope it is wotking
It is supposed to be bigger and better than last year.

Anybody check it out yet!

It looks good and so far is updated quite quickly

u can listen to both games online
go to for the link to thier radio broadcast, for link to thier radio broadcast.

Or for Mtl games


Wotking ah aha you have the redwhite2005 disease! Kanga can you correct this! It would come out botcing! Ok enough! Does it do this for all the games?


kudos for the ticats lay a beating on the argos.Bombers and als game is really close

williams sucks

what's the score?

uh look at the live play by play
25-24 MTL

its ova....congrats to montreal and hamilton.

urgh they lost by 1 point!!!! i don't care if its a exhibiton game i wanted to see berry win his first appearance as head coach

that not too bad, we should be happy, we showed everyone that our team can play, now we just have to go back, figure out what whet wrong, and come back next week and get the W.

BTW, what were the AP scores ro? just kidding! :lol:

was anyone at one of these pre-season games?

Wow, I just saw the highlights from the Cats game and when they showed what the Argos did to Joe, all I could do is shake my head then laugh. Toronto could have taken the high road with Joe, but at the end of the day, the Argos ended up showing the country how classless they really are.

I can’t believe for the last week all CFL fans have been preached to by the Argonauts Organization and Argo fans about forgiveness and tolerance, then turn around and pull what has to be the the most childish thing I have ever seen in this league with that pathetic clip of removing the “A” from Thiesman’s helmet.

where did they show this clip has done a TREMENDOUS job with the Live Play-By-Play. The new gadget is awesome. Congratulations to all who worked on this.

The funny thing is the Als won with a 2 points attempt, which is exactly the move who made everyone (including me) call Don Matthews by unpoetic names after last season game at BC Place... :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with 3/10 about the Live Play by Play. It was great to have tonight!

Now that makes me even more curios to do the AP scores with these games, hopefully the play by play was just posted in the newsroom.

keep your pants on, I post the results on my Myspace website.

oh and BTW, I think I can say this now, if the AP and my ball contact rules were in effect for the 2005 GC, and both EE and Montreal scored all their APs, Montreal would have won by one point w/o the game going into OT, or it would have still gone into OT if they missed out on one attempt.

without the results to how many 2 point converts the two teams made to how many two converts they attempted last season, we will never really know 100% what would have happened.

No one cares Kanga!