Live play by play of Trestman presser in Chicago

Conference getting about to start

Place is packed. Beat guys don't recognize half the people in Halis Hall.

A lot of Canadian reporters there covering the event being welcome by Bears President.

Marc is there with his wife and daughter as well as Marc's new hires.

Marc introduced to reporters. Goal is to Win Championships.

Bears President preambles by explaining process

Took two weeks on his list of a dozen candidates.
Mostly Offensive guys and five Special Teams guys.
Lots of interest in the job in this prized opportunity
First interviews lasted 3.5 to 7 hours
Three finalists were brought in Trestman,Arians and Bevell for another 7.5 hour interview (all 3 had exactly the same process/opportunity).
After evaluation of the second round of interview Bevell was eliminated because he lacked the HC experience
Left Arians and Trestman
At the end the decision was left with the President who selected Marc Trestman
Lists long extensive pre-requisites.

What made Marc stand out
1# Skills as a pro and mental toughness to take on the challenge of going to a foreign country, foreign language, foreign game and hire his own staff and have great success (bodes well for CFL)

#2 Perseverence througout his carreer. Road long travelled, Connection with President of having to earn every inch.

#3 Popp explained to Bears that Trestman after losing his starting RB adapted the offense to use tighends (not used in the CFL in decades) and kept going.

#4 Quiet confidence, do not underestimate him tough minded. Kind of guy he wants to be in the room with.

#5 His birthday is on the same day as the President (thrown in for humor.

Marc shared his favorite quote 8 times during the interview. Marc said "What I do for myself is burried with me, what I do for others lives forever". Said a lot about his personnal growth. Says he got the quote from Criminal Minds (Both fans).

Introduced passes mic to Marc Trestman

Lots of applauses

Good morning
Thanks the Bears management and owners by name.
Opportunity has to do with Chicago, the Bears and its fans.
Thanks Wife and Daughters by name
Glad that his Mom and Dad are there to see this.
2008 Took leap of faith and went to Montreal.

Thanks Bob Wetenhll for seeing in him what no one had seen, Thanks Jim Popp, thanks his players and Anthony Calvillo the one that led the way. Thank them for beleiving in him the whole way.

Bears HC job is a premier job in pro sports

Fans are beyond passion now sees it and feels it, Thanks Ted and George

Talks about Bears game against his Vikings in 1966.
Talks about coaching against the Bears in 1985
Excited , feels the passion, feels the urgency and commitment to win
First step, started already, putting staff of great teachers, who understand the science of the game...
Wants a tough, disciplined team, Competition is fierce every week
Understands that the QB must play at efficient level
Players most love football and be hard working
Phil speaks highly about the players in the locker room ,walking in a good place
Talks about respect of everyone by everyone
Talks about clarity in communications
Will compete every day, accountability
Overall philosophy: Humble, hard working, passionate , fun , enjoy game and sense of urgency
Wants to be a great teacher, empower everyone master their craft , just wants best effort

Marc is out of breath, reading from notes....
Showing a side of himself never seen in Montreal

Talks about going after the QB
Create turnovers
Offense starts and ends with the Quarterback
Everyone expected to protect the ball

Winning the Day

Lastly: He loves to coach ball. Phil will supply the best players he can and Marc will supply the tools for the players to display those skills, Can't wait to get started. invites questions

Thank you

Talks about Jay Cutler

Changed since their meeting six years ago

Tough , Smart and excited to work with him

Says his 5 years in Canada no different as the NFL

Spent summers in the US

Can’t wait to get out of the room and get started

The process is hip to hip with the QB and the OC will not limit his responsabilities as a HC

Reporter questionning if he can do both the QB thing and HC thing

Marc came to Canada because he was given opportunity to be a HC by BW and JP.

Plans for Defensive Coordinator

Rod not coming back

Will start process to look for a DC

Asked what he learned in five years in CFL

Great league, great football, appreciation of Canada and Quebec for the game is top notch.

Great coaching up in Canada

Excited about who he worked with and now his attention is solely on The Bears accomplishing their goals.

There are nuances between both games but there are things you can pull from both that are useful

Next step witll be evaluating players and watching film with Phil.

Question about Offensive line

Talks about Kromer his new coach. Oline Very important to success.

Every QB that play in the Pros are excellent. Toughest position in pro sports. The reason why he loves working with them.

Talks about his meeting with Jay Cutler, Lunch was never open, all they talked about is football and being great at it.

Starting to get annoyed with the questions LOL !

Will call the plays on offense
Called the plays for five years as a HC
Loves calling plays
Loves being hands on
Will do what is in the best interest of the team

Should have stayed in Montreal then!

BTW, thanks for this HfxTC.

Quarterback has the keys to the car
Will be protected
Jay Cutler loves ball, willing to learn, wants to work and win for the fans
Will work with him to achieve his goals

Defends Jay Cutler... Press trying to corner him

NP Phil... Guess every city has its bad apples :slight_smile:

Marc wants out... Keeps saying he wants to get to work...

Experience 17 years in NFL and 5 years in the CFL. Locker room is exactly the same.
They want discipline, organized , detailed coaching to help them beat the guy in front of them on game day.

Will not comment on details of his deal and never has, never will.

Asked about his staff, already has two hired, wants to get to his coaches who are waiting to know and deserve dignity.

Blitz packages are the same.
Box is the same in both league
Looking forward to 4 downs and not dealing with motion

Asked about bringing guys from Canada (Coaching staff)

Has final say on staff. Yes he is bringing guys from Canada ! Does not want to mention them by name as things not finalized.