Live play-by-play not working

why is it that CFL.CA continues to be bush. Where the hell is the live play by play tonight.

Somebody should be fired. :x :x :x

lol i thought u were goin to talk about Winnipeg :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

na he just likes to complain!

probably a winnipeg fan that is responsible :lol:

so its ok with you that they are so incompetant??

I got more important things to worry about!

it's not okay with me. I was wondering where it was in the first quarter.

I wouldn't call it "bush", but definitely needs some fine-tuning......hardly fire-worthy.

I just figure, it you gonna do a job, you should do it right. How hard could it be. This kinda thing never happens on NFL.COM. If I dont do my job right, I get fired. At least, I think I would.

we all got more important things than football period, or at least we should. Doesnt stop us from comming on here to express ourselves does it.

Or maybe there is a glitch in the system that the administrators don't know about. It happens, and doesn't necessarily mean someone's head has to roll for it.

The fact that is is not working does not mean someone is not doing their job nor does it mean someone should be fired!

Things go wrong and things happen. I also doubt that thinks never go wrong on the precious

they probably wont even acknowledge it, which is what one would expect them to do if it was due to technical difficulty. I propose that someone just couldnt be bothered, or forgot about it, or some other unacceptable human error.

I have depended on NFL.COM scoreboard every NFL sunday since they started on it. Never seen a problem yet. At worse, they might once in a blue moon be a little slower than usual to update. Still, at their slowest, they usually faster than CFL.CA at best.

well when you have to pay for the service you get....then you can complain!

Dont have to pay for, or

so, when trying to find game stats for tonight, I encountered the following message

No plays for this game have yet been entered as the game is just beginning.

Please check back momentarily.

pathetic. totally pathetic

ok, now 75 minutes after game ended. Still waiting for game stats to show up somewhere on this site instead of the message that the game hasnt started yet. :roll:

I suspect that the poor fellow who is responsible got tired and went beddy bye. Either that, or is out partying somewhere. Inexcusable.

now 3 hrs past game, still no stats.

CFL football rules
CFL league office is a joke.

now 13 hrs past game, still no game stats or play by play entered.

Fire the whole freakin League office staff.

Yeah I never come here for updates, only for chatter. If I want updates I go to TSN.