Live mics.

Please stop the live mic games. It is distracting and totaly unecessary. I mean, who wants to hear what a coach or quarterback is saying? It seves no purpose at all. It blocks out what the commentators are saying, and when the mics are left on, we can't hear what is going on. The CFL is the only sport I like, and have been a fan since 1958, please don't spoil it by keeping this on. I can't believe that true CFLers like live mics. Do they? Thanks Ken Wood Alberta.

There are some of us who would prefer to hear the players and coaches over the commentators. I mean, really, how many times do we need to hear that Luke Tasker is Steve Tasker's kid, or Duron Carter is Chris Carter's kid. Or that "that should be close for a first down" when it's obvious that the ball carrier was two or three yards short, or two or three yards past the first down marker.

Live mics don't add anything to the game for me. How many times do you need to hear a QB yell, "Tuesday, Tuesday...hutt!!" Hope they ditch the whole thing next year.

Agreed, live mics are annoying. Don’t need to hear a grown man shouting for 3 hours!

I like hearing the QBs in the huddle, and how could you not like hearing Mike Riley getting sacked with a helmet in his chest like you were right there, just a loud OOOFFFF and the crack of pads. Don't care about the coach on the sideline, but keep the QB.

BTW - the commentators are annoying and I cannot believe how many times they get the play wrong when talking about it. Calgary/Montreal...oh it is a touchdown....uh, wait, did he have control...umm he may have stepped out...hmmm. I watched the play live and said he didn't have control but it was beyond them. That is why I skip the 30 seconds in between plays, to not hear "Suits". Glad my remote jumps 30 seconds.

I don't mind them in select games. Every game would be too much