Live mic poll

Poll speaks for itself

Don't need the live mic
We get all the senseless drivel we need from Rod Black


Would have better if they had cut Rod's mike and like us just hear the guys on the field.

Never really cared about the live mic. Could take it or leave it

Don't really care either way about the live mic but at least it reduces Rod Black's drivel.

Really don't care for the live mic, but really did we need to hear so many Fbombs.

My mute button is going to wear out.

It wasn't all bad.

Occasional interesting bits from the coaches commenting.

Stupid idea.

The coaches are right to complain about this.
In a game where strategy is so important, the idea of having your "commands" broadcast so that an attentive and intelligent opponent can gain an advantage is absurd.

I guess it does. Fairly even split between those who love it, hate it or don't care.

So having it the odd game seems to be the way to go - don't you think?

I like it. What would be cool is if it was offered as a second audio channel, though I don't know how that would work with streaming, but there's probably a way.

Really don't care for the live mic Does nothing to add to game

actually read all the comments 8 hate it 2 liked it. Others?
Speaks clearly.

I'll stick with the poll results - since that is a bigger sample of opinion.

12 love, 11 hate, 5 don't care as I type this.

All tied at 14 .

I like the 'Live Mic" , to me it adds some flavor , instead of listening to the announcers all the time. don't like the "F" bombs going across the air waves for families to hear, I hope TSN can do something about that technically. I am not sure if I would like it for every game but one game a week would be fine.

I enjoy it myself, especially when it's QB cadence. What I don't like is Rod Black trying to interpret the calls.

The live MICs causing unnecessary skin .

Sherman having problems with Mic .