Live Mic Broadcast with Colloros/BLM - Austin/Dickenson

Holy schmolly wowzers! This will be super interesting! Can't wait to see how it transpires!

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Hopefully this works out, should give us some great insight into the huddle! :thup:

"While the mics will not be open for play-calling or conversations between coaches and quarterbacks that are deemed strategic in nature – understandably so – the super-heated moments of a football game will be laid bare and that is precisely where we can learn more about a player’s competitive personality. Collaros and Mitchell are, of course, well aware that they will be mic’d up but I’ll wager that will not be top of mind the moment something very good or very bad happens."

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Live mics for @CFLonTSN broadcast of #Ticats vs. #CalStampeders means game will feature a 10 sec delay in case of... language issues. #CFL

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10 sec delay will also give @CFLonTSN & #CFL reps the chance to mute content that could affect competitive balance.

I'm not at all sure that I want to hear what Kent Austin has to say during a game.

Good one! :thup: Women and children, leave the room?

Kinda makes me wish I would be watching the game on TV instead of live in Calgary.

What I'm concerned about, regarding this experiment, is that these mics will be left open at the wrong time and may accidentally divulge something that shouldn't have been.

Also, that this concern may cause players and coaches to be more careful than they need to be and distract them from the field.

It's another aspect to the game that they need to prepare for. Like the game itself is not work enough.

Curious idea, but most of all I want my team to win. This is an important game.

Not so sure that this is a good idea for Kent and his people.

P.S.....why couldn't this be tried during the exhibition season first to see if this is viable.

It will be on a 10 second delay and they won't broadcast sensitive information.

Easier said then done Johnny. You hear a curse - you instantly hit the kill button.

You have the mic open as a couple of receivers are coming back to the QB and both are saying something that might be a little bit tough to make out because of multiple voices - but one of them might be saying something like 'He's really laying off me'. And then a few seconds later after saying something else the QB looks at the receiver that said that and says 'OK - we'll hit you with a quick out' So you hear the QB say that and kill it - but maybe its too late because the 'He's really laying off me' has already gone out - and potentially given something away.

Obviously there are going to be all kinds of scenarios where it is going to be tough deciding for whoever it is making the decision to kill the audio.

Interesting to try this but why do I feel this may end up being controversial if something goes out on audio that maybe shouldn't have and then a play related to that goes wrong.

Plus I hope it doesn't become a bit of a mess. If we keep hearing multiple voices all at once, including Cuthbert or Suitor combined with voices coming from the coach and QB mics - it might become an irritating audio mess.

But we'll see.

The effectiveness of the delay depends on the quality and the abilities of the button pusher to interpret properly what is being said and determine correctly how much it matters to the team involved.

It also is reliant on the quickness in response of that person who is making the decision. Ten seconds is NOT a long time.

As a Tiger cat fan, I would prefer the network have their play time with a team other than this one.

Good points, Pat.

P.S…This reminds of the time that one of their field mics got too close to the Tiger cat bench and caused some nervousness with Cortez.

To be honest, I find the whole idea stupid. Why not do it like on "CFL in 30" where there can be edits and any comments made have no bearing on game?

I would have killed for a 10 second delay back in the 80’s when I did a Friday night 10 pm-midnight call-in show on the Hamilton cable network with my dad. It was pick up the phone and talk with one hand while keeping a finger on the little plungers that would disconnect a call with the other.

It was exciting… that’s for sure. Some people watched Heartline just to see how we would handle the drunks and crank calls.

I’m with you Palmer and I can’t understand why Kent Austin, of all coaches, would agree to participate.

I could have swore they have done this before, they are acting like this is some ground breaking new technology that no other league has tried before...NFL films has hours upon hours of football, unless it's the right guy most of it is boring as hell, especially quarterbacks.

Not bashing the idea it is cool, but just find it funny how big of a deal they are making it, and like I said I swear they have done this before in games in the mid 2000s, anyone recall the same?

They used to do a “mic’d up” segment where they’d pick a player and have him wear a mic thoughout the game. I don’t think they’d listen in live during the action though, just show a montage of collected soundbites at halftime and maybe a few “after the fact” during the game.

I think this is the first time the CFL has done “eavesdropping” and the coach to QB radio communication. Though before the era of the in-helmet communication, they put live-to-air microphones on the QBs on at least one occasion, in the 1988 All-Star game (though they only dropped in on it occasionally). That was a June exhibition game (defending champ Esks vs All-stars), so there wasn’t much concern about messing with the outcome of the game.

I dont think the Mics will be live for the entire game few mins of sideline prep talks from the Coaches and the QB,s while they are lined up at any rate im sure this will be very good entertainment value

I wouldn’t want a mic on me if I was a player. Of course I curse every sentence. Literally. It’s just how I talk. If a person is like me they’d have to constantly be thinking about the hot mic and censoring yourself. I mean a QB has enough to think and worry about during game… now you’re adding this constant self edit that has to be in the front of your mind?

Subject of this thread is kinda funny. Looks like Collaros is gonna have a live broadcast with Black Lives Matter.

This is most certainly new ground for TSN...and the CFL.
Other than the "miced up" player they had a few years back.
If TSN gets it should be at least, entertaining.
I'm sure we will hear a lot of "bleeps"..hahaha.
I am looking forward to one "bleep" of a game.
Go Cats Go. :thup: