Live GLOG Thyron Anderson...

Just realised on paper (Als depth chart) that T. Anderson was a starter against the Riders... Coulda fooled me. Where is he? He just dropped a pass (3rd quarter). Before that, He was completely invisible. He should be doing a lot of things, playing football is not one of them...

For once, I agree with you Indyfan.

I don't even know HOW he got 2 NFL tryouts, other than his size.

He doesn't try to catch, he tries to draw penalties rather than try to catch the ball. We're losing 48-6 and Anderson scores a TD and starts showboating. He's afraid to get hit, won't dive for a ball. If Anderson catches it, its because Calvillo nailed him dead on, or it was just a fluke.

I would cut this guy, no questions asked. If your not gonna give me at least 95%, then you should be somewhere else. In Anderson's case, he just runs the routes...

I am pretty sure he would not even be picked up elsewhere would we cut him. Well, except maybe Ottawa, but they need a whole roster, so they will start off with the other team's garbage.

The only reason Anderson picked up 1000 yards two years ago was because we had Copeland and Cahoon drawing all the coverage. On his own, Anderson is completely useless. I've never seen a receiver give up on a route so easily. I think Calvillo has learned this year NEVER to go back to Anderson on the backside option because the punk will have already broken off his route seconds earlier.

And Ryoon, you're dead on. He never lays out for a catch. Hell, he never even tries to haul in a pass that's not thrown right into the numbers. He'll make any quarterback look bad, even one who isn't struggling as Calvillo is this year.

Gotta love this quote:

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But the Oscar for worst performance belongs to Thyron Anderson. You have to wonder if aliens abducted the guy who averaged 15 yards a catch the last two seasons and replaced him with an imposter. The day before the game, Anderson told Sean Millington the Alouettes weren’t allowing him to run the routes he wanted. Meanwhile, in the third quarter, he gave up so easily on a long pass attempt that you would have thought the football was laced with explosives.

Looks like everyone realizes he’s next to useless…except our coaching staff. Sit the guy down already.

Hello all,

I am glad that we can agree on this guy. I know I am hard on the Als, but come on, this guy is just so lazy and, well he is not a true football player.
I wish we had (Als fans) 4 Ben Cahoons! Ben gives up 7 inches in height, 15 pounds and probably a few tenths of a second on the 40 yard dash to Anderson. But, he is a TRUE football player. I know he did not drag his feet last Saturday with an (its not an important game) attitude.
Bench Anderson and let Terrence Edwards have his spot (full time).

I agree 100%. Cahoon is my favourite player, he is a quiet leader, his work ethic is his way of showing his leadership. I'm not sure if Cahoon actually said that being a "Nothing Game" but even if he did, I doubt very much he believed that, and he was just backing his idiot teammate Davis Sanchez.

The thing about Cahoon, is that even with 4 guys all over him, he will still make the catch.

The man takes bonecrushing hits, and still gets up! He may be hurt, but he's not going out that easily. I remember a couple of seasons ago when Ben was playing with a broken hand!

Look in the games when the Alouettes were struggling, nothing was working Offensively, then Calvillo threw to Cahoon, they moved the ball and scored a TD. The what? He goes back to Watkins and Anderson. I don't understand the logic in that. Other than Cahoon and Edwards, Montreal's next weapon on Offence is Anwar Stewart.

Montreal needs to go with things that work heading into the playoffs, because all year they've been going with the same things that DON'T work.