Live GLOG (game log) Watkins...

NO, not his 100 yards plus recieving. He was offside on a running play, and cost the ALs a TD. Wake up! Then Stala, slips and falls on his shupsta (polish for as*) and Calvillo is sacked in the red zone. Great execution guys!


I speak Polish and your not even close!

Its dupa!

Let's just agree he fell on something that he should not be falling on. It rimes with grass...

I like Watkins. He's Montreal's only deep threat. I think at the beginning of the season he was dropping balls because he lacked confidence. But he's been playing well lately.

You know that play Calvillo does every 2 plays, the WR Screen, well Watkins worked hard, and busted out some 10+ yard runs on it.

He's quick, shifty, Good hands, and great balance.
I wouldn't be upset or 2nd guess Popp, if he were to re-sign him.

Watkins still drops too many balls, but he has the speed, heart, and work ethic. He's also got great at generating YAC (yards after catch). More than once, he's turned one of those lame-duck hitch screens into a 10 or 15-yard gain when it looked like he'd be tackled at the line of scrimmage.