LIve Football-Live Earth.

We as the Ticat nation are all preparing to make a difference and make noise to help our Cat's take their performance to the next level.

I've been watching the Live Earth concerts on CTV, Muchmusic, MuchMoreMusic and Bravo and it's quite awesome what's happening around the world.

So in your pregame prep, jump on the Live Earth site and take a look at what they have to say. If it catches your interest, make a difference on a global scale and take the pledge.

The CFL is taking initiatives to make CFL games "greener" let's get behind this movement.

If you think I'm just a tree hugger, just remember, as you are enjoying the game today part of the reason you need to put Sunblock 65 on your skin so it doesn't burn in 30 seconds is what Live Earth is trying to address.

Something to ponder!

Oskee Wee Wee.....go Cat's GO!!!


Active volcanoes emit twice as much greenhouse gases as the total emissions of the Earth's human population! Just a little factoid worth noting!

Are you going to the game Jare? How're ya' getting there?

These huge worldwide concerts (LiveAid, PovertyAid, KoolAid etc.) are just a back-patters paradise!

I'm sure all contributing acts (my namesakes included... they're playing in Johannesberg) are getting well-fed, well-saturated and well-compensated (if not in cash; certainly in publicity) for their efforts!

P.S. - Al Gore's mansion is apparently an absolute energy-hog!

Hey UB:

That's a great reason to keep being wasteful. I mean if volcano's are poluting we should do our best to keep up with them.

Oh and my mode of transportation. The TTC, GO Train, and car pooling and yes we will have back packs on. Is that a bad thing?

How are you getting to the game?

It's pretty bad when you can't make a post suggesting people check out something interesting. Yep, so you can't attack the movement so you attack the people stepping up and trying to raise awareness...Looks like an act of desparation to me.

If posting a heads up on a great concert with a message makes me someone who cares...then brand me a 'tree hugger!"

Hey but you are right UB, live for now and who gives a s#$t about future generations.

You may like the way things are, I don't.

I know I'll start a pi@@#ng contest with this post, that's too bad. Volcanoes may may spew more but we aren't helping any.


Holy Uber-Sensitive!!!

Actually Jare, I'm David Suzuki's "Dream Torontonian".

In 8 days it'll be 16 years without a car for me! I walk and cycle to work... and everywhere else! ALLYEAR!

But, I don't feel the need to boast about it and pat myself on the back 24/7!

I'll be catching the 3:30 Go Bus to Hammer Town from Union Station! Which means I'll have to leave the game early to ensure I catch the last bus home!

It's why I hate the night games!