Live Chat during Ticats at Lions game Friday July 22

For those of you who will be watching the Lions play the Cats on Friday the 22nd, we'll be hosting a live chat during the game hosted by former Ticat and Blue Bomber OL Ryan Donnelly.

It's a great opportunity to get inside the head of a player who can comment on the game in a really unique way. This will be our fourth week hosting the live chat – it's been a great success and we hope to get even more participation and input, this week. Plus, Ryan's great fun, is always posting polls and trivia and telling funny insider stories.

And for those of you who don't know, OpenFile is a new, national, online news service. We're barely a year old but have sites in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and soon Halifax.

Hope to see you there! Click here for the link:

[url=] ... s-bc-lions[/url]

OpenFile Hamilton