Live CFL games on the internet!

I would like to know if the CFL has explored the possiblty of showing live CFL games via the interent as a pay-per-view option. There are people out there that are fans and are unable to watch games on regular TV because they do not live in Canada.
I used to, but I have been living overseasand misswatching the CFL. As do friend I know.


Mr Ken Burke

It took 5 weeks just to get the forums responding in a reasonable time frame … Don’t push it.


Soccer Already Has Free Webcasts, I Think The CFL Should Do Something Like That, Or At Least Headline Sports. It’s A Great Opion For Promoting The League.

Live Play-by-Play via the Internet will be available this year…where you can track the plays as they happen.

Live Webcasts are a great idea and will be added to the list of future considerations but is highly unlikely for 2005.

Wow someone agrees with me!!! Now how do we get the CFL head honchos to implement this? It would be another source of revenue$$$$$$$!

Why Should They Charge People For It, They Should Go In Partnership With TSN So They Can Offer It Free Simply To Increase The Popularity.

But remember that TSN is a cable network. If they made their live broadcasts free to anyone with a computer, they’d lose a lot of money.

My understanding of the situation (while limited) is that internet broadcasts are covered by the overall broadcast contract with TSN… if you’d like to see internet videocasts - your best bet for the near future is to ask TSN nicely.

I Understand What Your Saying, But If TSN Just Broadcasts The Game, They Could Have The Same Advertisments During The Webcast. Last Year For Most Of The Season I Listened To The Games On Internet Radio.

except that they get most of their revenue from cable companies, not ads.

True enough… but it’s still their broadcast so it’s up to them.