Live Bullets start flying tonite!

Now we'll move from coaches showing anything more than vanilla schemes (on both sides of the ball) to teams (and players) trying to avoid looking like they're playing exhibition football (mistake ball)

Most years the teams need 3 to 5 weeks into the season to look like smoothly run operations, anyways!

Lots of the guys who were outstanding in limited reps during exhibition will now have the klieg lights shined on them for 60 - and whether they can sustain perceived excellence is the key!

Re; Announcing. If they give the opening nite keys to Rod Black that's a big mistake. Black is bad enough when the rosters don't feature so many new players and numbers that make his life more of a nightmare than usual. One redeeming thing about Rod - he knows when he's overwhelmed - so I suspect he'll turn in a very typical Rodblackian performance in his opener - focusing on useless chatter between plays that too often spills onto the play - and only going into any detail on big plays to known commodities. The little things, so important to us - like who made the tackle, big blocks, strategy, substitutions and injuries are just a blur to Rod and his limited brain.

I have a feeling Sask is going to surprize and upset "le Birds" umm that's not French at all lol

Depends on how accurate Old Glenny & London Bridge are to one of the best assemblies of pass receivers in current CFL. If Glenn and/or Bridget get adequate pass protection and les dirty birds don’t have sufficient pass rush and/or pass D - the riders could light things up and possibly grab 25 to 35 opening night points.

On the other hand - The Corky defense looks like a work in progress - they could be made to look decent by poor montreal D. :cowboy:

No Rod Black - Suitor and Cuthbert get the call for this one!

So far - only about 3-4 plays in - the Saskie D is getting run over by DD and his friends! Knew I picked Sutton for a reason.

Defences winning the day so far. Offenses are BRUTAL!! Even with good FP the larks can't move the ball let alone score! :roll:

As a man who served in Afghanistan, I find it a bit insulting that you equate regular season football to "bullets flying". Have you ever had a bullet fly past your head? I doubt it, because if you had you wouldn't use such thoughtless and ignorant language to title a thread.

Stop the political correctness, we all knew what he was talking about.

I'm not the PC type at all, just human and sensible.