Little video to get the juices pumping

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Spent today putting together this little video to get ready for the game tomorrow.

I can accept we probably won’t win the Grey Cup, but it is never acceptable to lose to the Argonauts under any circumstances.

Lets hope we eat em raw tomorrow! Go Cats Go! :cowboy:

Very nice job :rockin: Excellent video :smiley: Now let’s GO SINK that Ar-BLOW Ship tomorrow !!! GO CATS GO :thup: :thup:

Incredible!! This defence is going to eat em raw tomorrow.

Well done sir, I feel like putting my old football pads on and hitting something!!!

GO CATS GO :rockin:

That move Sink put on the arhols defence was incredible. I got em I got email whiff nothing but air

Good video. I'm pumped. Hope to see lots of Double Blue laying on the green!