Little Victories

I thought if anyone would apprieciate this little training camp tidbit, it would be you guys. I live south of Calgary and was reading the newspaper this morning.

Henry Burris's very first pass as a Stampeder was....picked off and returned for a touchdown.

For some reason I thought that would make Riders fans smile.

I think Henry will do sort of bad this season because I think he was used to be on the Riders but it will give him a while to get used to Calgary!

Go Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

Well it was a 50/50 chance of him throwing a pick. But ran for a TD that makes it that much more laughable.

Well I hate to burst your little bubble of happiness it was thrown deliberately at George White because White was jerking Burris’s chain. So the jokes is on you.

Any Rider DB's or LB's reading rw2005's post, you know what to do with Henry's chain when we play the Stamps, eh!

Any Rider DB’s or LB’s reading rw2005’s post, you know what to do with Henry’s chain when we play the Stamps, eh!

Gamebuster you are a joke and quit sitting on the key board it just repeats what you had to say. I hear the first 100 Rider fans at the July 23 game get free crying towels you will need them again and again.

.....and what's this crap yesterday about Shivers saying he hoped Burris gets his neck snapped in the game?.....nice joke ya fargin idiot.........tough for you saner grand piano playing Riders to keep the banjo-pickin manure throwing idiots in line when the grand pooba spouts off insane stupid public comments like this........

Yeah, deliberatley threw it to him, I've heard that one before...

Free crying towels? What the hell is a crying towel? Nice try though, buddy (and I use the term loosely). I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about the Burris situation but after Burris bombs out this season then I'll be obliged to start beaking him.

Great idea and use the towel lots this season. I will personally send you one.

No, you better keep it, you'll get more use out of it then I will

Your right we will save it for the few rider fans that come to the game July.

Few? There are probably just as many Rider fans in Alberta as there are Stamps fans! Mainly because many Saskatchewan people move to Alberta because of better job oppurtunity. McMahon stadium is always packed with Rider faithful when the Green machine comes to town and I'm sure since this game is significantly more hyped the number of Rider fans in attendance will grow even more.

Just wait 'till you guys come here in October there will be fun times at Taylor that night.

Good by then you guys will have watched a few M Crandell games because he will replace Kneelon by then.

I'm a Rider fan in cowcountry, and one way or another I make it to McMahon for the stamps Riders games. My brother-in-law has seasons tickets 5 rows up right behind the stamps bench, and occisionally invites me to aRiders game. Now don't get me wrong, its great fun sitting in the cheap seats with the rest of the Rider faithful, but it is so sweet sitting in the middle of all the longtime stamps fans in the premo seats and watching the Riders ride thme stamps like they're rented mules. It just doesn't get any better then that!

Ya and at least when Saskatchewan has a home game you know that it is a home game, the last few years its been louder for the riders then it has been for Calgary.

Chris what about that nealon pass to Rashard Anderson right into the numbers. And only after 4 plays wow that is a great stat. One hopper Crandell is starting to look good to you now.

Right in the numbers are you stupid? Seriously are you? Because it hit Corey Holmes in the hands then it was intercepted.

And as for one hopper Crandell he played a hell of a lot better than Henry did. And he played your #1 defense not all of your rookies like Henry.

Agreed 100%