little motivation...

Attention Rider fans....please do not leave faith and Pride behind. I live in Winnipeg and actual am a member on the blue bomber form...and all I hear all day and night in the papers, on the bus, on the forums, from my naeighbours is how Rider fans are jumping ship, and the Rider Nation is nothing now that the Riders are 1 - 6. Some bomber fans are going as far as saying there will be more bomber fans at LDC then rider fans.

Come on everyone, lets turn this around, lets show these swaggerville jokers, who has the best fans, whose stadium is not let them have the satisfaction of thinking they our the best fans in the CFL....we are , and we will stand by our team regardless. This hate on for Riders fans has motivated me even more, I have try to wear Rider something everyday, the game day flag is now a permanent fixture out front of the house....I love the Riders....We love the Riders, lets show the CFL how much we do....

The Riders will turn it around, I have faith and trust in the players. We will be in the playoffs, and no reason we can not make the cup. Have faith, be loud be proud. Be Rider Proud, show who is in Charge of the Rider Nation.


I still and will always love my Riders but they suck.... no playoffs for them!

I am Rider fan now. I always was a Rider fan and regardless of what happens I will always be a Rider fan.

Best fans bla bla bla we're all fans of the best professional sports league. I certainly don't think 1 group of fans is better than any other group.

Could be maybe those fans you speak of are just trying to get others to join their group after all it is easier to cheer on winning club, we all know that once your a Rider fan you're always a Rider fan there is no going back.

the scary thing is is that even if half the fans get off the boat, the riders will still have probably the biggest fan base. might not sell out games though

De toutes les équipes qui ont une fiche de 1-6, les Roughriders me semblent dans la meilleure position pour rebondir. Ils ont le meilleur quart-arrière de ces trois équipes, une ligne offensive respectable qui peut encore progresser, un bon noyau de vétérans à la défensive et de bons porteurs de ballon. Il y a là une base sur laquelle travailler et qui peut donner des résultats.

Présentement, certains joueurs veulent trop en faire et d'autres laissent aux autres les succès ou les insuccès de l'équipe. Il faut revenir à la base, faire les choses fondamentales et bâtir là-dessus.

Le principal problème de l'équipe présentement est de jouer 60 minutes à son plein potentiel. Même contre Montréal, l'équipe a semblé jouer plus mollement en deuxième demie. Si McPherson était arrivé plus tôt dans le match, il n'est pas certain que les Alouettes auraient perdu, tant il prenait le dessus sur les Roughriders à mesure que la partie avançait. Il a manqué de temps, un peu comme Durant à Montréal en 2010. Si l'équipe est capable de jouer ce 60 minutes à plein régime, les victoires reviendront.

you know, this is the english speaking forum area. IN ENGLISH PLEASE!!

Hey LeStaf, long time no post...good to see you back. And by the way, most of us do not feel as CITB...imo you are more than welcome to speak either of our great nations OFFICIAL languages...let's not discriminate here.

basically LeStaf has said that our team's great core of veterans and past success is likely leaving the Riders as the most likely of the 3 teams looking in to rebound an make the playoffs. Also that some players seem to be watching and waiting for other people to make the play and not stepping up themselves, putting too much on those few players. Then the good point that 60 minutes is not being played...perfect example was against Montreal (I myself must say that they did play 60 minutes against the Stamps, and that was great to see)

Quite being ignorant. If he wants to post in French there is zero rule against this. Go to google and Translate it there. Lestaf is a very intelligent poster, you should listen to him.

Amen Lastaf, I agree 100%.

Sorry I am not able to return a post in french for you.

ya but this is an english post. It's not being ignorant, I want to be able to read it. and not necessarily having to go translate it either.

what's next, we're going to be required to post our posts in both english and french?

if you “want” to read it that bad then translate it. If it is not worth the approximately 5 seconds that it would probably take to do so then you did not want to read it. Just because someone can read English it does not mean they can write it. I can read French, Russian, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish (well enough to get by anyways), but can not write in them, nor really hold a good conversation for very long in person.

What is next is post in whatever makes you comfortable and not being bashed for doing so. People will either read it or not.

yeah but when we are responding to someone in the french forum we can't type it in english because it will be deleted.

this is not that forum.

Aim to raise yourself up to another plateau, not look at a lower lever and say "hey, i'm good there." In other words...are you going to jump off that bridge to?

I'm just trying to understand why they can put their words in french here, but we can't put our words in english in there?

isn't that discriminating?

well, try asking there.

In the interim, let's stay open minded in here and not worry about how other boards are run.

By the way...who have stated that you can not read french (not outright, but by saying you wanted to read his post), and then you stated "... when we are responding to someone in the french forum we can't type it in english because it will be deleted." This would seem to indicate that you have attempted to respond to a french post there and it was deleted, unless you are just assuming that. Does this mean that you have taken the time to figure out the meaning of french posts in that forum, but you won't here?

Also, LeStaf likes to post in the french forum, which is generally dead, so also posts elsewhere. Lots of posting from LeStaf in the Als forum, who don't seem to mind either language being posted, and then I think here. One should be honored that LeStaf's second choice for posting seems to be on the home of the Riders, and embrace that, and be proud of that, and welcome it. LeStaff has NEVER come in here to bash, instead providing what I think is some great insight.

Geez, whats with posts disappearing once they have been submited??

Type this in again..... Thanks for the support Jayrcok. Rider fans wont disappear, just like Bomber fans didnt after the last couple of tough years they have had. Fans are upset and have a right to be. The team isnt folding.

Last year i posed in winnipeg paper blog and in the BB forum here for the fans to wait for their team to finish rebuilding. Rider fans are like any other team fans. Its natural to get negative in times like these, no one is jumping ship!

Now i cant edit the post??

Above should say " I posted", not posed.

I am a die hard fan forever!! However, i can be a bit hard on the boys at times. Probably because i live in Calgary, and i where my green and white with pride. Its real tough to be proud this year, if only they were at least competing.

wow, well thought out depop, watch much CSI? :slight_smile: