Little Jonny is an Eskimos fan

Little Johnny and his family had to move from Edmonton to Calgary.Little Johnny’s first day of school started off with gym class.The gym teacher sits the class down and asks"who here likes football?".All hands rise.He then asks"who here thinks the stamps are the best team?“All hands rise except one,little Johnnys.The teacher gives him an odd look and asks"if you dont cheer for the stamps then who do you cheer for?”.“Well thats easy"replies little Johnny"the ESKIMOS are the best team”."How do you know that?"the teacher shoots back.Little Johnny replies"well both my mom and dad are eskimo fans so i guess that makes me an eskimo fan too."With a dirty look the teacher snaps back"well then,if your mom and dad are morons what would that make you?“Little Johnny thinks for a moment…then looks at the teacher square in the eyes and replies"a stampeders fan.”