Little help?

Anybody have or know where I can find the 1991 roster of the Eskies? I’m trying to make a classic team for Madden. Tracy Ham, Blake Marshall and Willie Pless deserve it!

I am noit sure where to find the roster, but I personally would use the 89 team. Although they lost in the West Final. They still hold the record for most wins in a season at 16. You woudl have a lot of great players including Danny Bass.

That would be a great idea...if I could find the rosters for that year! lol

It's like finding a needle in a haystack, only you're not sure which haystack the needle was in.

I asked at another site and this was the site they said to try

I was told that it does not have a year by year roster, but an all time roster. With a little research you should be able to see when they played for the esks though.

Thanks for the help! That's basically the same type of list that the Stampeders have at their homepage. It gets me the players and their jersey numbers, so I'm about halfway there. I still need to find positions, height/weight, etc. But thanks for the advice!