Little help?

Anybody have or know where I can find the 1991 roster of the Bombers? I'm trying to make a classic team for Madden.

Sorry, just make it up, mate, that what Madden does!

see if u can find old rosters on or search google, something like that otherwise sry bud

Thanks for the thoughts, but that was the first thing I tried. None of the CFL team's homepages offer much in the way of history, save for a few standout players. Google has proven useless as well.

I don't want to just make up the player names and their vitals, because that wouldn't be very authentic, either. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. I can recall some players, but again, only the standout players.

It's very frustrating. If I were to search for specific rosters of any other pro league out there, I could find a minimum of at least one solid encyclopedia-style site. Be it Baseball Almanac or, any roster/career/trophy winner lists or stats is a click away. Unfortunately, there is little CFL info available.

hmm i good idea would be to email the teams from their official websites, just ask for what you are looking for, i bet most teams would send them to u.