Little help?

Anybody have or know where I can find the 1991 roster of the Argos? I'm trying to make a classic team for Madden.

I don't know the whole roster..........

BUT here are the MOST important ones.

DON MOAN , [the great Canadian born , line backer]


ROCKET ISMIL , [kick returner , reciever : 1991 GREY CUP , MVP]

DARREL K. SMITH , [the great wide reciever, Argo single season record holder for recieving yards]

DON WILSON , [C.B. , defense]

MIKE PINBALL CLEMONS , [half back , kick returner : Argo record holder for kick returns for TDS]

LANCE CHOMIC [Canadian born, ARGOS FG kicker and ARGO record holder for most points scored in a career]

DAN FERRONE [Canadian born , offensive line great , head of the CFLPA, now]

PAUL MASOTTI [Canadian born , ARGO record holder for most career recieving yards.Catched the winning TD pass in the 1991 GREY CUP game]

Appreciate the help, unfortuantely, those you named I already knew (Chomyc was also my grade 10 teacher, too, back in '93). And it's damn near impossible to find their vitals (height/weight, etc). But thus far, you've proven to be the most helpful member of these forums!

thanks....CHOMYC , was your!

have you tried the ARGOS website?

Yeah, he was a pretty good guy, too. Hardly ever got mad. If you handed in a late paper or assignment, you could give him a bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and he'd forget about docking you late marks.

And yes, I checked the Argos website, but they only have a few bios for "Argo Greats".

great story…is he still at that school?

He would know.

This is the weirdest thing! I went to see Blue Rodeo play in Barrie, Ontario last night, and guess who's sitting three seats over from me? Lance Effin' Chomyc! After chatting with him for several minutes, he told me he was now teaching and coaching football at Bear Creek High School, in Barrie.

Talk about weird coincidences. He even remembered me by my nickname "Ozzy". Pretty cool.

it is a small you know some Japanese?

My wife is from TOKYO!

Argo offensive linemen that year included Chris Schultz and Chris Gaines. Wasn't Ed Berry one of our DB's at that time? I think that was also Carl Brazley's last year with the team. There's 4 more names for you.